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So I bought some small N42 magnets to test a few things…

Gosh, these are significantly less powerful and scary than I expected.

Also, what can I do to get an idea of what I’d get out of an implant? Trying to find the transformer in my Microwave? Laptop fans? Any other suggestions?

Ahem… get a PICO… :joy:

More seriously glue it to your finger tip and go exploring… the microwave is a good start but if you have a speaker you can run whatever frequency/music and feel it. Even better if you can tear it apart and use just the coil.
Laptop transformers are a good lower frequency.

Keep in mind N42 + not implanted is not exactly optimal, I’m not sure which things you will feel or not


You can put one on your fingernail, and one on the fingerprint side of your finger. They should attract to each other and “clamp” onto your finger. If they’re small enough, you can get a tingle / buzz when near a decent field.


NGL, feeling a laptop fan is weird! And the same goes for the fan on an industrial power supply… But the laptop one gives a stronger feeling.

Let’s see how these tests go… :magnet:


Nice lock



For anyone who has not heard of the Loadstone PICOs (biomagnet tools) and the implant multitool app that I’m developing, now is the time!

I’m super excited because the app is taking shape! It’s called ZINC The cyborg dashboard and I just opened the option to wishlist it on Google Play:

It will start off as a closed beta for the Patreons while I get feedback, fix inevitable bugs and build up some more features. Then it will go public (paid, no ads) as an open beta until I feel the basics are done. Development doesn’t stop there though. I design the app with the intention to make it a platform for experimental features, games and wild ideas.

As for the PICOs you can DIY one or you can get one from my Patreon. By doing that you get early access, but mostly you allow me to justify and fund the ridiculous amount of hours I spend on this app :face_holding_back_tears:
On the topic of support I’m absolutely open to suggestions. In fact I want the app to be designed by the community for the community to some extent. Maybe I haven’t been sharing enough for that so far but once an beta is out I’m sure it will be easier.
I’m also not against onboarding someone if you have skills to share and time to spare.

I’m so freaking happy with this banner btw


Strangely, in UK penises are always measured in inches but in Poland in cm.

It’s a strange old world.


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Yeah, looks great.

The app colour pallette looks good also, clean and simple.

Is it editable in app?

The icons look good also

The images…:thinking: …need some work, as I know you asked for high res photos.

On my computer, I have some icons I can send you as placeholders, I knocked them up for emojis here on the forum, pretty basic, but another approach you could consider if you don’t get the photos.

:xbt: BT


On the backend yes, nof frontend for that yet but I’ll add it eventually. Should be one of the simpler things.

Thanks! I’ll see if they look better and use those. In the future I plan on switching to 3D models too.

That must lead to some interesting conversations…

I thought of two more things that use inches in Europe, speaker sizes and tire sizes.

Trying to imagine a bunch of dudes standing around the UK / Polish border comparing wangs.

Tire sizes in the U.S. are Metric/Fraction/Designation-Inches. Enough to really confuse most. Take a 235/75/R15. That’s 235 millimeters from crown to crown (width of tread), 75% of the first number is the sidewall height measured from crown to rim, R stands for Radial, and it fits a 15" diameter rim. There are also T(truck), LT(light truck), P(passenger vehicle), etc. models. For extra confusion there are also speed ratings usually given as a suffix, S, V, ZR, etc.


Let’s say they’re in a plane between the two :airplane:

Next question. Let’s say they get into a cockfight midair and the plane crashes on the border. Which country do they bury the survivors in?

Why would you bury the survivors?


Not sure why you would bury the survivors but either way I think the family decides, it doesn’t have to do with the location of death (or survival) unless there’s a war going on.
The real question is how do you crash a plane with a cockfight?

You mean a fight in the cockpit?

A pit in the cockfight


Not quite right :thinking: I’m considering making an icon for each in a style that fits the app but there are a lot of them in my database :sweat_smile:

This is using images directly from the vendor’s website. Not great but it’s my fallback option for when an implant gets added to the database that doesn’t have a dedicated icon within the app

For now I’ll stick to the images and hope Cassox and Amal can provide me some nice shots :crossed_fingers: I’ll maybe try some filtering to make them fit better too. For example a simple shadow goes a long way.


That’s obviously a pilot riot

Sausage party! :grimacing:

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There are no wieners in a plane crash only losers :flight_arrival: