The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

You man like this?


(jealousy ensues)

I need to know where you got that.

Swap? Haha


Gonna hafta pass. The collection must grow.

Besides the way this year’s going I may need every bit of this.


Here you are, the guys in the UK but there is probably US sellers


Am I the only person that missed this questionnaire?

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Probably :rofl:

Did you ever watch Foolproof? Ryan Renyolds movie from early 2000s… not bad

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Or there’s the one about the sniper who’s framed can’t remember what it’s called.

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Shooter? Mark Whalberg

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Nope, but the Wikipedia for it looks cool.

Quick question.
Does anybody (without looking it up) remember Hale-Bopp?

It came up at work the other day. Maybe 5% remembered it, another 30% remembered the Heaven’s Gate cult, but couldn’t connect it.

Just curious. As always.

Hale-bopp was a comet Passed in the 90s
That’s the extent of my knowledge on that.

Heavens gate were the nike wearing cult, mass suicide in the 80s?, leader had a cool sounding name but cant remember it.
I wouldn’t have made a connection between the two except for you mentioning one, but the cult had something to do with aliens/ufos/ space…so I guess? that’s the connection.

Oh they were in California too I think?

Thats the one

They tried to suicide their way back to the mothership hiding in the comet’s tail. Pretty sad way to go.

On a less depressing note. I just find it weird how many people have no recollection of a GIANT FLAMING COMET that was in the sky for like 2-3 months. Makes me think of the War of the Worlds TV show where they explained everything being normal in the present time as a mass hysteria / amnesia reaction.


Somewhat related, the Mandela Effect is basically that in reverse, a vivid memory in large numbers of people of something being a way it never was. Funny how unreliable the human mind can be.

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Berenstein Bears?


@Pilgrimsmaster I totally missed it too, thanks for sharing.

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Never got around to posting this, but I think I might have found the perfect use for a dangerous things sticker.


That looks awesome

I am putting a new deck tread on my electric skateboard and I plan to put one on there also