The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

Haha omg I’m so surprised nobody knows this. I guess I can’t fault my wife, mother-in-lawz father-in-law, and basically everyone else I’ve ever had load my dishwasher before… they all do this…

The plates are at the wrong damn angle for maximum effective cleaning pressure. The strongest jets come from the bottom sprayer and spray upwards. Wow great, the goddamn back of the plates are going to get a serious thrashing from those.



I was gonna say that but figured it couldn’t be that simple

Occam’s razor

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What about Occam’s Easter egg?

Say what you will, but I’m still pretty sure the door is supposed to be closed


So. Much. Hype. I couldn’t even buy it yet but I’m going bonkers.

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I am starting to realize that the digital world is inherently incompaitble with privacy.

We’ll be getting a new kitchen in some months (planning is already complete), and it’s gonna be the first time in my grown-up life that I have a dishwasher - I am so incredibly happy about that bit of information! It totally makes sense, but, not having a dishwasher at all, I never ever thought about that… in every freaking ad about dishwashing tabs and all that stuff, plates are always placed that way, so I guess we’re all trained to do it wrong :thinking:

Thanks for that as well - I’m already thinking about what I could do wrong with that strange new machine… :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: I feel you - my e-mail addy was in some damned hacked list, obviously, and today I received a nice little mail that told me someone had filmed me masturbating in front of really strange porn sites, and that I should pay 600 dollars in bitcoins unless I want him to send a video of that to all my contacts. I’m still quite chilled, though - I have neither a webcam nor an adress book on my PC… :smile:


Ha, same, couple months ago tho.

But you were on those strange porn sites, yeah? :joy:

Tbh I’m more afraid of someone recording me crying on the toilet during painful diarrhea, than some good old masturbating.


Last two weeks I’ve been getting either “I need sex” or “talk about solar” texts on my phone. Random phone calls for months now, but starting to pick up in intensity. Just about ready to set my phone to not take anything from people not in my contact list.

Nevermind. Doing it now.

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We all know what the internet is for :stuck_out_tongue:
But honestly, I just wouldn’t care that much…
Most annoying thing is, they fucked up my steam account as well :grimacing:
Everything else is still intact, all passwords changed by now, and no bad stuff on my PC, so I guess I was lucky. Someone tried to access my microsoft account from indonesia… sigh.
So I guess I’ll take a look at keepass now.

Had that once or twice, several months ago, but never again afterwards… that’s really annoying!

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Also I hear robocalling is a thing in USA?
Here, it doesn’t happen much.

Regarding privacy, I just feel so distraught. I fixed my personal digital life, but things that I relly on for social & professional reasons are just leaking my data like a firehose. I fixed the small leaks in the hull of my digital ship, but there are large, ice-berg sized holes that I cannot, and I don’t really know what to do. The internet was not made with privacy in mind, and it is fundamentally incompatible with it, and this is made even worse by these systems infiltrating the real world in form of CCTV and similar. God damn it

Just saying

And it’s SOON ™


I’ve never been fond of Discord, but here’s another good reason to avoid it:

The toxic people
The Cancel culture
The SJWs
The Humor police
The “Woke”

They can all fuck right off…

If I had to choose, I would rather hang out under the umbrella of Microsoft than any of the above…

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Given the choice, I’d rather avoid the fuck out of Microsoft as much as all the rest of them privacy invading sumbitches.

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I mean that is entirely up to the Discord server(s) you are on. That’s like saying you avoid IRC because of the pricks that use it…

Some more reasons do dislike Discord
  • discord can delete your account at any time for any reason, cutting you off from all of your servers
  • discord will lock out your account and force you to enter in a phone number at their discretion/use of VPN
  • discord may even demand to talk to you on the phone if you use VPN/Tor
  • discord regularly reads private dms or private servers to determine account deletion
  • messages are not E2E encrypted and there will always be an unencrypted copy stored on their servers
  • discord can provide messages to any third party they wish at any time, such as governments or companies without any legal obligation or requirement to let you know
  • messages are not deleted when the account is deleted
  • discord decrypts voice chats in flight, who knows what they’re doing with it, they could have saved every single vc and there’s nothing you can do about it
  • discord’s app is proprietary so there’s no idea of what it could be monitoring on your computer
  • discord silently tracks all your activity by default: This probably includes any actions in discord, but also usage patterns like connection times and IP addresses