The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉

it is mifare mini
my phone showed : mifare classic

We try to hack it - the time when my proxmark was working. I shipped a second tag to Ashley - we go to all files. With Patrick we copied it to a magic tag - the machine doesn’t react to the tag.

The newer machines from the company cafe+co work only with money and creditcards. So I think converting a chip isn’t a good idea - maybe if they will change the machine - I can’t use the tag.

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This is just a smaller memory version of the S50 1k isn’t it?

Did you try both gen1a and gen2 test cards / implants on it?

gen2 would probably be your best chance …

my proxmark stopped working - can’t use it …
we tried to install it - doesn’t work.

Any idea what error you are getting? Did you try holding the button down when flashing it?

i got help from people from the iceman discord server.
we tried it several times.
the PM3 easy isn’t broken it shows up on the co.puter of a friend.

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Hey all



In the search


That’s hilarious. Surprised you were willing to put your UID out there, but I guess if you don’t use that particular implant for security, there’s no real harm.

Also, “Plump” absolutely killed me.



Icing on the cake, after neutered :scissors:

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How will they know who to call if I’m found???

Really though, it’s my blasted xsiid that’s been driving me nuts so I figured it should be used for something:)


Really nice idea! A male, neutered, domesticated cyborg is definitely a great description :wink:

So, finally, some kind of tracking via our implants is possible! How long have we all (well, not we, but… y’know… eyes over at the mindreading thread ) waited for that! :smile:

edit: I just looked at the German version of such a page, and sadly, I can choose neither primate nor unicorn as a species… wolf is not possible as well… and since I don’t really feel like an elk, a ferret (well, a comatose ferret would be cool again…) or an alpaca, I guess I just won’t register there. Pfffff…


nespresso machines are mifare classic 1k :stuck_out_tongue: my xm1 gets me coffee of a morning thanks to @iceman


This is the first time I’ve ever been interested in a instant coffee machine


HP Labs in Bristol had one which would grind the beans, and then make coffee while you waited.

It was pretty fancy for a coffee machine.

But this was last Millennium, so who knows what they have now.


@LordSethos2000 you’re not alone anymore friend
(to anyone that looks it up go to the second page)


oh my god

the photo…


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Woohoo! Got my 5G upgrade this morning! Can’t wait for it to kick in!


Good stuff! I got mine yesterday, already downloading a new system update.
My partner got flu-like symptoms for a day or two, the worst I’ve had so far is just fatigue :crossed_fingers:


I’m 5 days away from two weeks after 2nd shot, at which point I should reach FULL POWER!!!


Not related but that table is awesome.

You have certainly lived up to your name…


Welcome back !

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