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KSEC is great for customer service and all. But I’m afraid to admit the extra cost of customs in terms of money and delivery speed totally killed their attractiveness for me. I’d rather deal with the subpar Lab401 customer service and get my gear quicker and cheaper. I would prefer ordering from KSEC but I won’t because of customs. Sad but true.

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I had some fun with github pages this morning and proudly resent to you!
A page where you and me can find out if it actually is or is not SOON™ yet.


Hey there!!

Thanks for the shout out!! :grin:

I had been insanely busy then abroad with no laptop :sweat_smile:
Now I’m back!! :partying_face:

Yet still insanely busy… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

How has everyone been?!?!


Welcome back bitey teeth!


Out of 5 stars…

Apex Flex: ***
Apex Mega: ****
flexNT v2: **
NExT v2: *
xMagic: *

Hey, @amal

On the DT Sale announcement you have pictures of a coin being lifted by an implanted magnet. What kind of coin is that? I wasn’t aware of any modern coins that are magnetic.

Just curious.

Hey @amal

Let’s it be applied until you hit place order :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Did you buy a first gen Titan? Cause if the coupon from that is still active, maybe it won’t let you have / use a lesser one?

I did not lol

Hey guys is amal trolling me? Is this actually announced?! Was this just the announcement?

What do you think it would be?
I have an idea, but :man_shrugging:

xM1 + xEM in 1 chip maybe? Even tho I know they had problems with that before.

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What were you trying to order? What was the cart contents?

Just the Titan
(Someone else on the discord also said they had issues with it not sure with what though)

Hmmm. I’d like to have a Koruna coin like that. Anybody in the Europe area have one they’d be willing to mail me? I could send some cash back or something?

I got a text message from the hospital saying they’ve pushed the MRI exam for my wrist to Jan 13 so I can “meet an imaging specialist”. They’re freaked out by my glassies. I was supposed to get it months ago and it still hasn’t happened!

At some point I think it’s just going to heal naturally…

Ok. Fixing… found the problem, we limited to test email addresses and forgot to remove doh!

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Me too…