The Blue Cloner is back, new and improved!

Oh God, that sounds scary. I’m about to attempt to clone my school ID (HID 125kHz) to my NExT chip using a blue cloner and I actually just created a thread asking about how to identify the compatibility of the cloner with my card given the only info I have on it (markings on the back)… really hoping I don’t brick the chip, wondering if you would know how to differentiate? Only thing I’ve confirmed is that they are HID and 125kHz.

I think a very minimal 3D print could protect your antenna without compromising range. You could even leave the “vertical” portion exposed through the wall without compromising the structure of the print to much

The antenna doesn’t need much protection. It’s really quite stiff. I only made the plexiglass frame thingy to mount it securely to the frame, but you could hot-glue the hell out of the inner part and it would end up just as solid, or very nearly so.

I would be much more interested in the blue cloner if the password function could be disabled

Surely someone who’s good with the hardware and firmware stuff could jail break it?

I am hoping the Flipper Zero will do this function, we won’t know until next year. but fingers crossed, then I can leave my proxmark on the shelf until I need diagnostic functions.

Flipper more expensive than a blue cloner but cheaper than a Proxmark.
But for the potential ease of use and convenience, I think it will be worth it

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Yessssss. I hope that campaign lives up to what they have advertised. Very excited to receive that

Antennas will be the biggest “issue” , but time will tell

The password is on purpose. It is is in fact the configuration bits needed to tune a T5577 to the DT mind control field. The blue cloner is Amal’s innocent-looking trojan horse to subvert non-DT implants and integrate their wearers into the collective.

Why is that? Presumably if you had a proxmark3 then the password isn’t an issue, because it’s known… and if you have the blue cloner because you don’t have a proxmark3, then the password isn’t an issue either because the blue cloner knows the password and you can continue cloning IDs to your t5577.

The only scenario I can think of where the password would be a hindrance would be if you had a blue cloner and also a different cloner with its own password and wanted to use them interchangeably… but then why have two cloners but not a proxmark3?


I have a proxmark3 easy, which isn’t exactly the easiest to position for a good x series read/write
I know about the custom antenna, but I don’t think I’m in a good place to build that yet

The blue cloner (with mod) looks much easier, but dealing with the password if I were to use the proxmark adds hassle

Also there just the principle of “don’t do stuff I didn’t tell you to do”

Is there somewhere someone can direct me as a freshie to learn about these card types and the distinctions between them? I’m very interested in learning just no clue where to start. When I Google the card names it comes up mostly purchase stuff not much info stuff

Not really a succinct explanation no, but basically they are all “LF” or low frequency RFID chips that can operate at 125khz - 134khz, depending on the tuning. Each are similar but have slightly different data encoding methods or analog front end characteristics … but they basically do the same thing as any RFID transponder - report an ID or serial number. To dig into the exact details, you will have to get at data sheets… but the short simple answer is they do the same job just do it slightly differently. Luckily, the T5577 chip can emulate all of them by changing how it works and thus, how it appears to the reader interrogating it.


Google the specific card type followed by data sheet

This will bring you up something eventually haha

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