Flipper Zero - Kickstarter RFID/RF/BLE/USB/IR

Hey guys, saw this linked on the FB group, and it was too cool to not share here!

It’s open source software, versatile hardware, and jam packed with tons of protocols so could be a very fun and powerful toy.


That’s actually pretty neat, might consider picking one up if they ever become available.

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I love it. But the tamagotchi theme? Seriously… in 2020?

Like all kickstarters, I will of course make extra-sure I don’t send a dime to them until the product becomes a reality. Fool me once… :slight_smile:

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I think the dolphin in the UI is pretty neat, not sure about the whole game aspect of it though.

I’ve only been burnt once on Kickstarter, everything else has been delivered and met my expectations (sometimes a bit late though!) - but of course being burnt is always a risk!

I’m out several k-euros on an Indiegogo that reached 215% funding and still doesn’t deliver years later. The company is still around and still updates their website regularly. And they’re in a “serious” European country with a real business reg, not in some mumbo-jumbo country. So I’m still hoping they’re not just gonna make off with the dough. But it looks increasingly likely that they will.

So, fundraisers can fuck right off.

Had some really bad experience when supporting a computer game… they delivered, but not everything they promised, and it was quite buggy and rushed as well…
But still, I think it’s usually a nice opportunity to start off something. And that thingy definitely looks promising, I think!

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Ouch, I’ve only been burnt once for about $300 AUD. Still stings a bit, but I’ve backed tons of projects and had good experiences from all of them other than that.

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I saw this on the group earlier, and decided to back it. Hopefully it actually delivers on what it says.

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I think the thing this has going for it in terms of delivery is its all old technology. They aren’t doing anything new here, it’s just cramming established tech into a nice form factor.


Yep, my thoughts exactly. It seems like a neat little form factor for old tech, and if it works as smoothly as they are showing off, I thought it could be a neat way for newbies to get a foot in the door of RFID hacking and the like. Figure the price of admission is low enough that I’m willing to risk it to see if it goes well enough.

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The big question is if it’ll couple with implants nicely. But hey, at the least its a nice toy.

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Most “honest” projects that fail (i.e. not outright scams) don’t do so because the technology isn’t there yet, but because they underestimate the costs of tooling, production unit costs, BOM costs and things of that nature.

In the case of that gizmo, it’s just a PCB in a box. So I wouldn’t be too worried. What concerns me more is the software: I’m afraid if it tries to do too many things, it’ll end up doing everything poorly. But then it’s open-source, so I suppose those who aren’t happy with it can customize it to their heart’s content.

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I was a bit concerned about that too, but looking at the UI theres clearly some thought gone into navigation and the layout. Could be great, or could suck, too early to tell.

This is the big one, enough people have pledged that it’ll have community support. And an Arduino library giving access to all interfaces. Even if you just use their firmware to launch your own code, I think it’ll be more than powerful enough for basic cloning and playing around.

Totally agree, but the tooling for plastics is done, parts are all cheap commodity items, and the team behind it have a lot of manufacturing experience. Worth the gamble for me!

Backed it now, too - by now, it even gets NFC, all stretch goals are reached. I have no idea how many functions of it I will actually use, but I think I might learn quite a lot with it… And yeah, the supporting community is already pretty big, so I guess that there will be a good support and (hopefully) some user-made software.
In the comments, one guy already asked if it would be possible to use it as a cloner for implants, so that might get interesting.

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D16f14c044b0a85e9d36ff8d87694930 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 2.1 Posted by Flipper Devices Inc.

Jul 31, 2020

External link.png?ixlib=rb 2.1 View on Kickstarter

New feature unlocked! From this moment, all Flipper Zero units will have a built-in NFC module (13.56 MHz). Along with the 125KHz, it turns Flipper into an ultimate RFID device working on both ranges — Low Frequency (LF) and High Frequency (HF).

Flipper Zero will work with all the major standards, such as NXP Mifare. This is a new massive challenge for us. It adds a lot of work on the firmware side, and also complicates the antenna design, as both RFID antennas will need to be on the same PCB. We will do our best to accomplish it.

This is crazy — all the stretch goals were unlocked just in 15 hours. Thank you so much for all your support, we are just thrilled.

Haha, that’s my friend’s project!

I suggested him to tell about Flipper here cause it could be a great and cheaper replacement of Proxmark3 rdv4 (in our use cases), but there is already a thread :slight_smile:

I’ll try to get one from the first batch ASAP and will make a detailed review on how it’s antenna couples with my glass tags and so.

I even begged him few months ago to make an LF antenna cylindric so it’d work GREAT with implants, but that idea is too crazy for such a general purpose device.


A nice powerful rectangular antenna can couple well with implants, like the xAC v2

If he’s interested in listing to us about implants that would be great! I’d love to be able to field-reprogram on a little device like this!

@koteeq, any chance he’d be interested in testing before final design? @amal could you hook him up with some test implants?

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The other option here is designing with antenna switch-outs in mind - even if it doesn’t make complete sense to put a cylindrical antenna on the actual general purpose model, if the board is designed in a way that makes adding another antenna, or switching out the rectangular LF antenna with a cylindrical one easy, it would be great for our specific scene/use cases.

I say that not to be demanding, but rather that it might be a good mentality to approach this with, since they’re specifically looking to embrace the open source community with this. Who knows, it would be cool if that was a reality :smile:

Worst case scenario, we use the gpio pins to make a custom implant RFID module

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Pledged a Flipper! I think this project is awesome and personally I love the Tamagotchi / companion theme. It also seems it could possibly hit the sweet spot between the blue cloner and proxmark 3. If it manages to read animal FDX implants (and backsearch the info) it can make friends this way! Another curious thing is, with BLE support, flipper will be technically able to open even electronic chastity belts (google cellmate), lol ^^