Flipper Zero - Kickstarter RFID/RF/BLE/USB/IR

I did comment requesting animal microchip support, and they commented saying they had never heard of them!

But they said the frequency is set in software, so thats easy if they can easily make it compatible in hardware and asked for details - he seemed very interested!

He asked for more details, so I’ve done a post on his forum about if he tuned the antenna to the middle point so it could work on both!

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External antenna connector sounds too complex I think. The goal is to make simple and solid device. Let’s just hope that it’ll work good with implants :pleading_face:

I’ve been also told that NFC part is pretty challenging cause it requires arranging two antennas on one PCB and a lot of software engineering to allow full control (for UID emulation and other tricky tasks), it won’t be shitty PN532 :wink:


@koteeq thanks a lot for keeping us all “in the loop” and up to date.

Always nice to have, and be trusted with, inside knowledge

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I told myself to stop spending money during quarantine… damn you. Backed

I guess I’ll let you fine people know how it is when (if?) I get it, though I’ve only really had one kickstarter that didn’t deliver.

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This seems interesting. I have it bookmarked.

Actually really want it, but $100+ is quite a bit for me to spend on something non essential. I’ll keep it in mind just in case I get a random windfall to way lol

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