The doNExT is in

It’s a flexNExT with the LF chip in the middle replaced by a hole. It should be called a flexNT really, but the flexNT is already a thing. So I called it the doNExT because it looks like a donut, and it says flexNExT on the box :slight_smile:


Is there a reason to do this over a normal flexNT?

Range and blinky?

I suppose the blinky is true and pretty cool but wouldn’t range be pretty similar?

Ohh, I see. I’m curious to know how the preforms opposed to the standard FlexNExT with both chips. I figured something would’ve had to have been removed to pull off that design!

Rosco I can’t find the images, could you share how it looked packaged?

Pretty sure, from the description it looked like this, and the colourful bits are the LEDs


This one must have been the prototype :doughnut:

FYI Here’s the link to the specific post :mailbox:


I feel like you guys getting these need to get a companion tattoo


The blinkies light up way before the chip registers on the reader.

I couldn’t say, I only have one :slight_smile: But I expect it’s pretty similar.

Yep, that’s the one. It’s not so much a prototype as a custom order. I’m not certain Amal would want to add it in his product lineup: I understand he had to sweat a bit to make it.

Yeah sorry, that was just a followup to my dumb doughnut joke

Oh yeah, I didn’t see the donut emoji next to it.

I’m taking that partially back: the chip is in fact not at all where it was installed. It’s slipped a good half inch back towards the entry point, and it’s backed up so much it’s passed under the stitch apparently. In fact, it’s now unconfortably close to the wrist joint. Also, if I push on it, it makes a strange gurgling sound.

Anyway, the range isn’t great, but when I scan it exactly over the sweet spot, it’s a bit better than my glass implant. I still have to search the sweet spot for a while though.

If you can slip it back, I would put a pressure wrap on starting at the incision point. Might keep it from slipping back forward?*

  • I am not a doctor, that is not medical advice, but an idea.
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I tried it. It ain’t moving. I think the pocket was too small to begin with, because Lassi seemed to have a lot of trouble fitting it all in. It was probably just long enough when he installed it, and now it’s possibly shrunk some.

Anyway, it’s not hitting anything it shouldn’t hit (yet) and it’s not coming out. So I’ll just leave it be and see how it turns out.

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See updated post below

I think the skin has reconnected through the hole. It seems to have slopped slipping, and I can definitely feel a dip in the skin there. I can even see it in grazing light. Anybody know if it’s possible after only 30 hours?

Since the doNExT is very flat, this is absolutely possible - but be careful about it, the skin might already slowly reattach, but it will not stand much yet^^

Yeah yeah, I’m not yanking on it. Just slightly feeling it. I know the pocket around it has already shrunk, because if I push sideways on it a bit, it bites now. Didn’t used to until this afternoon.

I can’t feel any biting in the middle, so if the skin has started to reattach, it certainly isn’t finished doing it yet. Or the nerves haven’t reconnected, more likely. I expect that it will bite there too, in time, which I assume will be the desired result.

This might actually take some time… with my silicone implant (which is a lot thicker, though), it took weeks to get the feeling completely back. It’s in for about 11 weeks now, and it’s still not completely reattached in the middle - but the sensitivity is already back, strange enough… guess nerves connect horizontally, too? Dunno :smiley: