The flexM1 gen1a / gen2 has been released!

Okay that does it. Ordered… :slight_smile:

Amal, as discussed in an earlier post, can you try and make the packaging minimal? I really don’t need a great big box full of printed instructions. Nor do I need sterile pads or bandaids. I have a moutain of those things from previous implant jobs. Just the product in a small plain jane cardbox box will do. Keep your nicely printed oversized boxes for more demanding customers. If that’s okay with you of course.

My order number is 19084.

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As you know @anon3825968 the yale cycles to check for a tag, so I haven’t gotten any real testing done on maximum distance yet (I’ll do it later today for you if you want😁) I just place my hand gently on the reader and it always unlocks🙂

I’m not concerned about reading distance in that case, just ease of use. I also place my hand gently on the reader to open it, it’s just that I need to hit exactly the right spot for that to happen. If it was a bit less demanding location-wise, I’d be happier.

That and if I have a chance to get the Idesco door handle to work with it, that’d be a great bonus.

I’m also curious if I can get just the chip in a minimal envelope? No instructions, no extras.
I can provide my order number.

I get a 1cm readrange on the Yale @Rosco😁


Wow yes, pretty impressive!


newbie alert !!
is there a high level functional+application capabilities compare / contrast matrix between xDF2 and flexM1 - gen2. I placed my xDF2 order last week, now I see this release out. what will I be missing btwn xDF2 and flex M1/Gen2 ?


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Based on our original discussion you about your needs the M1 range is not what you after. They do not provide any secure features (well they have encryption but it was broken years ago) it also doesn’t have the same storage capabilities as the DF2.

All the M1s (xM1, xM1+, flexM1 gen1a, flexM1 gen2) are targeting at people who wish to clone the old (but still very common) mifare 1k classic chips.

Specifically they are knockoffs of the original chip that have been modified so you can change the ID of the chip that is usually factory set and not able to be changed.


@leumas95 - thank you for that further clarification;

that was my understanding too and had zoned in on whether Vivokey Apex vs xDF2. and that xDF2 is decoupled from any proprietary backend dependencies that Vivokey has.


Keep in mind @amal has mentioned with the apex that decoupling is an option for the apex. Under the hood it’s a NXT P71 iirc. Unfortunately it needs the proprietary setup for it to be approved by Visa or MasterCard etc.


duly noted - thanks @leumas95


Here is a YouTube Video of @Vicarious using the FlexM1gen2 in the real world
Using the Mifare app and phone to write a new ID to the FlexM1gen2


Bonjour je viens vers vous car sur mon Flexm1 Gen 2 je n’arrive toujours pas à supprimer ou copier de nouveaux badges, quand j’ai copié la première fois avec mifare clasic tool il a été marqué que c’était irréversible et je n’est pas fait attention est-ce qu’avec le proxmark3 je ne pourrai parvenir à copier de nouvelles choses ou formater la mémoire ? Merci

Incase you need it

Does this answer your question? :arrow_down_small:

The gen2 magic Mifare chip has no back door command. All sectors are simply open for writing. The advantage of the gen2 magic chip is that even NFC capable smartphones can simply issue write commands for any sector, including sector 0. This means a smartphone app could be used change the ID of the chip along with all the data in the manufacturing block. In addition to this, readers looking for magic chips ultimately have no good way to really tell if the chip is a magic chip or not. The down side is that the real Mifare S50 1k chip’s operation is emulated completely and accurately. There is no back door, so if one or more sectors on the chip become protected by access bit changes, you need valid keys in order to make further changes. In addition to this, if you set access bits such that the sector becomes locked, there is no way to recover that sector… it will be locked forever.

ok i think i locked my implant i just have to buy another one …

Do you have any of the keys? (try using the latest version of Mifare Classic Tool to do a full search of all sectors)

If you do, you could probably try using a Proxmark 3 or ACR122U and hardnested attack to get the rest of the keys.

The one thing which could have bricked (hopefully only a soft brick) is if you didn’t write a correct BCC value.

Have a look at that is the case.

The only way for a sector to become locked is if incorrect access bit data was written to the sector trailer. This will forever lock the sector and there is no recovery, but doing this would require either a very unlikely data error during writing, or a direct attempt to manipulate the access bit data incorrectly.

It is much more likely that key permissions were set on the sector and you do not have the keys. Fortunately the magic mifare chips are no better at protecting those keys from hacking than the original mifare chips are. As @DonFire said you can very likely crack those keys using your proxmark3, and once recovered, you can wipe that sector and keys and reset the entire sector to factory default.

I understand that the trooper is included.

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Ok Amal thank you very much I will try to do the necessary