The flexMN batch is now open!

That is correct

That was my understanding too. So I’m guessing I did something wrong setting it up :sweat_smile:

Maybe it’s the DT mind control code that takes up all the space :slight_smile:

Check the NDEF Capability Container (page 3?) - there’s a chance you changed what chip type it emulates but that didn’t update the CC and it’s declaring to the phone it has less space available for NDEF

Haven’t played with the magic chips so can’t be more help than that, but that’s where I’d start

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Same here.
mine’s back at distribution centre because delivery van got lost yesterday, apparently, so tomorrow I hopefully should be able to give it a go and let you know if I also have that issue, @Ottomagne


Still haven’t had much time to set up emulation and stuff, but maybe will help you compare:

EDIT, for clarity: Mine is a FlexMN WEDGE, with NO blinkies, which has the new wedge antenna shape.

TAGInfo Full scan:

Also some NFC Tools (unreliable, but good for comparison):

Also, some things I noticed:

It is really fiddly to get a read.
I have to try a while and get a couple of failed reads before getting one that works, and the range also seems to be quite small. I have to touch it to my phone to get it reading.

When it reads, it takes quite a long time to fully read it.

Comparing to my FlexDF2, already installed, also wedge shape but with the older antenna model, My full reads take about 1/3 of the time that the MN takes, and I can read consistently pretty much all the time, from multiple angles and distances.

I am not sure if this performance difference comes from the chip or the new antenna.

Also an important disclaimer:
This comparison doesn’t mean that the chip isn’t good. If I am comparing an emulation chip to a DesFire EV2, I will always expect it to be slower or less consistent than the DF (which is amongst the best performance crypto chips you can find ready to implant at the present time -Since Apex ain’t there yet).

My main concern comes from the antenna point of view…

It has the new Antenna we saw on the Walletmoor’s thread (both sides of the chip).

I would expect it to have at least more range than the “old” wedge antenna, but I’m seeing a much smaller range:

Reader . . . . . FlexMN . . . . . FlexDF2

KBR(DT) . . . . ~0.5cm . . . . . ~1.5cm

Phone . . . . . . 0(touch) . . . . . ~1cm

Wiegand . . . . . ~1cm . . . . . . ~3cm

notes: both on the phone and on KBR I didn’t experience any difference from the DF chip in the baggie and under the skin.

I sure need to do some more experiments.

Now about the NDEF side of things:

I won’t have much more time to mess with it for a couple of days, but right now, there seems to be no way to write to it from my phone.

I’m very confused. I thought it came with a round copper antenna. Is there another version of it?

If not…

…that’s worrying.

There is the round one and there is the Wedge.
I should have been more clear! thanks, will edit

Ah right okay. So you have the wedge version.
If the antenna is anything like the flexM1’s I have in my hand, it looks like you’re getting roughly the same performances.

I don’t know much about specifics of things, so it’s possible that I screwed something up when I was originally messing around with the tag, but the CC looks like it should be fine, according to the proxmark:

Again, the specifics elude me currently (hoping to use the flexMN as a learning tool for the specifics of RFID, NFC, and the NDEF specification), but the only thing that looks out of the ordinary is the internal? and I’m not even sure if I changed that. When I originally was messing around with the tag, I had used “hf mfu setuid” to set the uid to DEAD000000BEEF, and then converted it into an NTAG216, and it didn’t really like anything I did after that (specifically, it didn’t recognize the first byte as belonging to any known manufacturer). So I converted it back to a NTAG213, rewrote the UID back to it’s original, and then converted it back to a 216, after which I attempted write NDEF info to it again, and that’s when I get the “41 bytes of memory available” in NFC Tools.

My Scan is a bit different from yours, but I’m sure that has to do with the fact that I converted mine to an NTAG216:

I do get the same write error as you, even when just trying to write small text records to the tag, so there’s something that’s preventing writing in my case. I’m wondering if there’s a password - when I try running “script run hf_mfu_magicwrite -w”, it fails writing to all the blocks and says the chip is locked down. I tried running it with FFFFFFFF as a password as well, to no avail. Maybe that same password is keeping it from being written to as well? Not sure.

And for the record (and @anon3825968 ), I have the non-blinkie disk form-factor, and the reading range seems to be pretty comparable to the experience I had with the flexNExT - not super long range necessarily, but consistent reads from a small distance away.

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is it this antenna?

I expected that antenna to have better performance than this one:

But does not seem to be the case.

I expect two antennae that sweep roughly the same surface area to have roughly the same gain. Of course there are differences due to clever design, as demonstrated by the ACR122U, but I don’t expect them to be vastly different.

Exactly where I was betting.

I mean… if @Amal made a call to change the Antenna, I would assume an improvement on range! :sweat_smile:

Although range is not the only place where it might been improved. :wink:

I don’t know why Amal changed the antenna, but it might not be for performances reason. Easing the production process comes to mind. Making the antenna smaller for the same performances - which seems to be the case here - is another reason.

At any rate, like I said, you can only cheat physics so far. The two antennae have similar areas and that’s a fundamental limitation.

Pretty sure he mentioned how much better the connection between chip and antenna are with this design. Sore just for more robustness I guess. (And maybe easier automated production?)

Those are all possible improvements indeed.

My DF’s antenna covers a slightly larger area, to be fair. So I can see why the range got impacted.

That for sure. I can see a much sturdier looking soldering on that new antenna.

Yeah mostly robustness, and slightly smaller for no significant change to performance.

Yeah, CC looks correct so it’s not causing your issue…

Well, I’m out of ideas! Hopefully someone familiar with the magic cards can point you in the right direction

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Hey @amal any updates on the new blinkies? I know you’ve got a lot going on so no worries, just curious

Naa new blinkies are slated for checking out after apex jumbo but it is happening…


do I see second batch open on the MN? :eyes: