The horn sound repeater

An electronic circuit that

  • captures the horn sound waves (could be multiple)
  • find the source of the sound waves
  • use directional speaker to return the sound waves back to the honker

i know its silly. i know wearing ear buds will help.
still, is this possible? no one seems to have worked on this. is there a working device?

So basically one of those

plugged to one of those?




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It’s definitely possible the US military did it back in Vietnam to determine the direction a gunshot came from. It requires 3 microphones and should be fairly easy for a computer to do the calculations.

yep… connect them to ADCs to convert the sound to digital, then have a computer check the offsets and calc approximate angle. If you can reduce your target to 180 degrees (facing a roadway) then you only really need two microphones… or if you need full 360 degree coverage, 3 microphones arranged in a triangle should do.

wow. thanks @amal @ThePolishedTurd