The NExT with NFC tools (app)

ive implanted the next just now and i putted a youtube link on it but i dont know how to remove it and put something else on it or a work badge on my chip with NFC tools witouth removing the whole chip even can that happen or not ??

There should be an erase option in NFC tools to delete the NDEF data

there is but doesnt it erease everything or is that just the thing i cloned on it and can do this over and over again with my tag ?

Try formatting as NDEF

what will happen then what will erease actualy ereasy and format ndef what will it do to my chip change anything ?

it will do nothing but erase the data and format the memory so it is blank

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NFC tools should just allow you to overwrite with your new NDEF dataset, regardless of what it is.
I am more familar with TagWriter by NXP myself, but the same principle should apply.

Regarding your work badge, this is likely just a UID, you don’t have to choose between UID OR NDEF.

Can you provide some more information around your work access system?
photos of cards and readers will help us to help you.
It may or may not be possible.
Do you know if it is a HF or LF system.
Do you have a Diagnostic card to check this for us

i have a diagnostic card and it doesnt react to my work badge i found out nothing works or reacts to them not an app nothing so thats rip already i gues and im kinda sared to fromat to ndef on my chip ive set a link on it but i want to remove this and i wanne put another one on it idk what to do and im sacred im gonne fuck something up

use you diagnostic card on your reader not your card, your card is passive like your NExT.

I see Edit @TacticalYak down there replying he will likely answer the rest for you


Hey man, NDEF is essentially just NFC Data Exchange Format. By putting a link your tag that is shared when scanned, it is already formatted for NDEF! Formatting to NDEF again will just make that space “blank” again so it won’t have that data (the youtube link) to share when scanned. You should also be able just write over the NDEF data with new data using the NFC Tools app. There shouldn’t be a need to remove the data first, the app should clean up for you before attempting to rewrite.

Secondly, the diagnostic card works in the same manner RFID cards do. It doesn’t respond to other cards, but instead lights up in response to receiving power from a reader. If the right side lights up it is a 13.56MHz reader, and if the left side lights up it is a 125kHz.

You can also try reading your work badge with the app. It might be able to tell you what type of card it is, which will help deduce whether or not it can be loaded onto the NExT.

@Pilgrimsmaster, just me. Try again next time. got me with the edit.


Añado dudas a la pregunta, si tengo una vcard en mi next, puedo aprobechar las paginas en blanco para guardar informacion adicional encriptada como una semilla de monedero btc?

O al añadir nueva informacion la anterior se borra?

Yes you can overwrite stuff already on the tag but also add multiple records. Research ndef messages and ndef records that go inside ndef messages. Typically on nfc tags you have one ndef message with one or more ndef records inside. Each record can be a thing like a vCard or URL but the order these records are placed into the tag somewhat matter to iOS or Android in how they will be processed and presented in the UI

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Perfecto, investigare, seria bueno aprovechar el orden para tener primero lo que deseo compartir y despues lo que android ignore como privado, accesible por mi con la herramienta nxp tag info o similar, gracias.