The official Titan crowdfunding campaign thread

I look completely different in real life…
The digital photo suggests it, but in real life I’m not 2 dimensional at all :grin:




I just love how this starts to fill up - and yeah, it’s great to see some of you “in person”, kinda :wink:


More backers added today!

One day, when this covid-19 stuff is behind us, we are arranging a meet-up… maybe a few meetups around the world…


A London gig would be nice!

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Remember back when Covid was just a minor inconvenience

It seems like only 6 months ago :stuck_out_tongue:


I dunno, what if everyone’s fingers get stuck together? Like the gravity grenade in Guardians of the galaxy.


Why do you think I am not getting one?

Odds are, only half of the people will have a natural attraction to each other and likely repelled by the other half :magnet:


That’s still a better rate than in my usual daily life…^^


@amal, for future reference:

If you say things like “Let me twist my knob…” or such in the UK, please don’t be surprised seeing odd facial expressions.
Similarly if britons asking: “Hey, where is that knob head?!” …well, they are unlikely to refer to your magic mind-controlling device.

It might come handy one day…in case of a London based event. :wink:

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Hahaha ok I’ll substitute dial then :slight_smile:

Amal, I know you are close to Canada, and a term I’ve heard they use for a pint of beer :beer: is a growler…

Again, in the UK, Oz and NZ, this has a very different meaning… Although, they are both something you may want to get stuck into on a Friday night, if you get my meaning :wink:

Growler is also used in Australia, though more commonly as the slang term like you said. But a growler is more a particular type of vessel, hold about 2 litres / 4 pints. Bit of a boozehound if you asked your mates to go out for a growler or two :wink:

Yeah as @anon2520759 said it’s the name of a type of drinking vessel… like a tankard or goblet haha but basically borne out of hipster douchebaggery hahaga

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Why just on a Friday? Lightweight :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I’d say bellend instead, that’s funny.
Knob, or knobber is mildly derogative.
Knobhead is borderline offensive.
But meh’… American accent would take the edge away, it would just make me laugh!

Don’t you guys worry about ‘dial’, call it knob head.

By the way… whazzup?? Party time or what?! We off this topic since laser etched magnets been announced?

A growler can also, in the Australian context, as per below, refer to beer you get fresh from the brewery (in said vessel). It came back into use due to the craft beer explosion.

I was flipping through the Hall of Titans now that it’s starting to fill up, and was struck a bit by the notion that we’re an eclectic group. Normally if I was part of a group on the 'net, it’d be something mechanical or maybe electrical, and everybody in the group would look and speak the same. It’s really nice to have some different opinions around here. ESPECIALLY the whole not dominated by americans thing.

Let me restate the obvious.
I love this Community.


This, totally.

And yeah, even though a lot of people are still missing, we’re already pretty mixed considering age, gender, origin and supposedly a lot of other things - but I think that’s one of the reasons for a lot of interesting topics up here :wink:

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