The official Titan crowdfunding campaign thread

making also some implanting partys :slight_smile: I think the x-series would be ok :slight_smile:


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…including an implant party (as suggested by @JennyMcLane). Checking frequent flyer miles…


I have at the moment about 65000 miles from the star alliance. Thx to my credit card from miles&more - I will never loose them . I must say I collect them since 2003 :joy: My dream was to spend them on an upgrade to the C.

Many many years ago, I think it was about 2001 we had a Star Trek Meeting in Denmark. We rent a house for a week. It was so fun :slight_smile:


Mildly annoyed noone commented on the joke in my last comment :wink:


HA Ha Ha hahaha…ha
:smile: :grin: :laughing: :joy: :rofl: :crazy_face: :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting: :dizzy_face: :skull:


I have an idea / request. Because you will only have a brief moment to look at your Titan after it comes out of sterile packaging, but before installation, could we get a nice picture of our monograms?

I’m still kinda bummed that I’ve never seen my NeXT.


Assume it comes in a heat sealed plastic bag, like flexes, so you’ll see it.

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I got the chnace to see my xIC :slight_smile: My other x-series only on my x-ray :slight_smile:

flex series: you can see them - I love them - they are all so beautiful.
I love the flexDF


It won’t be a heat sealed bag (or at least not like other flexes) due to it being sterilised instead of sanitised, but most sterilisation pouches have a clear front, so its still likely you’ll see it

hmm … yeah sure this shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Actually we are packaging it the same way… a sterilization pouch inside a heat sealed poly bag… only no liquid inside. We’re doing this to help protect the integrity of the pouch, since a sterilization pouch is basically a single ply sheet of toilet paper and full of holes. It’s meant to protect your sterilized object so it can be taken from the sterilization chamber to a storage drawer about a meter or two away and then sit there untouched until use… it’s terribly fragile and porous and simply handling it will push bacteria and other nasties into the inside of the pouch.

The reason it’s so terrible is because it has to be for the steralant to get through the pouch to the object and back out again… so yeah it’s really horrible at protecting the object afterward.


Thanks for the clarification, I didn’t think that the flexes had that inner sterilisation pouch!

ah yes they do… this is so the flex inside pouch can basically come out of the poly bag and sit and let all the liquid evaporate, which it does rather quickly… and then afterward still be safe to handle enough to get it opened over the sterile field for installation.

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Nice flexDF beta!

Titan Backer Coupon Details

We are about to send out a Titan Backer Coupon email update to backers! When it comes to use of the coupon, here’s how it will work;

Applying the coupon
You can do this on the cart or checkout screen. The most common method would be to apply it to the cart just before checkout.

Email address on the checkout screen
You must use the same email address during checkout that you received the coupon code with.

Failure to use the same email address
If you do not supply the same email address as was used to receive the coupon, all associated discounts will be removed from your total.

Happy shopping backers!


I notice that the titan is listed on the list for discounts, is that a reference to those that bought several and got the discount, or is it implying that they might be for sale again within the next year?


Haha Michelle was just running down the product sku list and I think she overlooked that. Nothing implied here just a mistake.

To be fair I also looked over the list and also missed it.


There’s also a white xSIID…

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Teeny tiny little Titan update

All units are being welded now. Finishing happens after with a final machine process and polish. Should have an update toward the end of the month with shipping ETA to us… then we do all kinds of accelerated testing.

A few days ago I received the CO2 laser… a Glowforge basic model.

Sadly, it was DOA. The horizontal print head control is non-functional. I am waiting for support to reply.


yeah… soon to be in inventory with the next batch shipment from the factory :slight_smile: