The Titan and the TSA

Sure is!

Wait, does that mean that you can mask a metal item by simply covering it in (polarly aligned) strong magnets ?

I have not had to pass tsa yet since I started my transition, but I’ve heard multiple testimonials of fellow trans people that started to be systematically patted since they transitioned.

Also thick leather clothes (if they contain enough water/mmwave blocking materials) simply stops those scanners. Honnestly I’m not a big fan of these new detectors.

The tech seems like a decent security option
Last I read it doesn’t use ionizing radiation so it’s safe enough at least… and is only form revealing… nothing to explicit

My only gripe is the policy and software needs to tweaked and clarified to not cause undue scrutiny or issues to those with different make up

That and tsa needs to chill the fuck out when I think they are ready for me to walk forward into the machine because it’s empty and they actually aren’t and they start barking orders

Like…chill the fuck out…. All signs indicated you were ready and we all got places to be… loose the attitude and just say you aren’t ready nicely

If it’s THAT big of a deal put a fucking red light green light or a tilting gate like a parking lot…

…that’s happened a LOT to me and it’s very annoying

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That’s the biggest issue …
Most of them don’t even know the FAA regulations and make shit up as they go … Yesterday they didn’t like my shoes … On Monday they didn’t like my phone … But the picks, bypass, proxmark and diy PCB/circuitry has never been an issue :exploding_head:


Cross-posting back to this thread in case anyone’s following along at home

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Got pat down 3 tomes at one airport, I pass incredibly well and had actually already had top surgery, and scar tissue kept dinging. Didnt have any issues at any of the other airports though so mightve just been improperly calibrated?

That’s the impression I have as well. It feels like the entire process is to scare people into respecting the rules more than actually doing any control of said rules.
Also it’s being doe by humans which means your appearance and clothing matters more than what’s actually in your bag. Not to mention the mood of the staff and who they are :man_shrugging:

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Since I fly with my company shirt I have a lot less crap for the boatload of electronic I carry … If I fly in plain clothes they always want to check my power cord and chargers …

It always baffled me that a 6-1/4" wrench is viewed as more dangerous than a set of lockpicks and proxmark/pi/pineapple …

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I brought a box of rocks and a quart of sand through TSA two weeks ago. The sand had to be run through explosives analysis. Sand.

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I once had 2kg of powder coffee in my carryon. They inspected it thoroughly while completely ignoring the pocket knife I had forgotten in there.
I always carry a pocket knife/bottle-opener with a clip on my pocket and the number of times I’ve had to burry it in my backpack because I forgot to leave it home is ridiculous and scary. If I can do it so reliably then who knows what malicious people can do :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


Just for reference, Lepht flew with the V1 PegLeg that was the size of a deck of cards and implanted in its upper arm. Not even a blink from TSA or UK Customs on the other end!
You’ll be fine.
Could always try to get a letter from a doctor just saying that there is an implant, no specifics.

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very likely did not go through any metal detectors, only scanners :slight_smile:

It’s hard to know,
Tsa and trans had been a work in progress

Maybe it’s a system wide change for the better?
Maybe the individual agents are sick of false alerts and being lax as a result in that area?


Tsa still needs a fucking red light / green light

And I understand there’s psychological tactics at play, (I used some on a supervisor the other day to great effect lol) but they still need to chill the fuck out