The Titan is now a regular retail item!

Over the course of several crowdfunded campaigns we have been able to stockpile enough reserve inventory of the Titan to finally put it up as a retail item on Dangerous Things!

Inventory is currently limited, but we do plan to increase stock and maintain availability as a regular retail item going forward!


Glad to see it went from,

Idea-plan-implement, repeat.


As a member of the Hall of TITANS, lemme say,



As an off note, you can make my pic the one of me in Afghanistan if you want @ Amal.

To make it easier to find

Here he is


It’s entirely possible that Pilgrimaster is an AI search engine.


Pilgrimsmaster likes this comment

Pilgrimsmaster finds this comment funny

Because Pilgrimsmaster is not AI so it is funny



Unlikely: he doesn’t post porn or bodybuilding pictures each time someone mentions a x- or flex-series implant, and - dead giveaway - he doesn’t post sponsored ads.

He might collect all he knows about us and monetize it though. I’m afraid to tell him anything now…

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Really glad to see this. When I first read about you planning the first batch, this was the dream outcome.
Titans for everybody!

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I don’t want one for various practical reasons - or rather, I desperately want one but I know it’s a bad idea for me - and I won’t get one, but somehow I’m glad to know if I ever change my mind, I can hit that order button and get me one whenever I want now.

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That could have almost be written by me
“I don’t want one for various practical reasons - or rather, I would like one but I know it’s a bad idea for me.”

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Have you figured out a way you could get a TiTAN yet?

I could imagine you doing a whole bunch of cool shit with one :magnet_titan:

Put one in your foot for a Reed switch trigger…
You know you wanna! I know I want to read about it…

and now you don’t even have to wait for a batch to be announced which is awesome…

here you go, I’m all about making your life easier…

You’re welcome


Not happening. I’m NOT putting a permanent magnet in one of my fingertips ever. I’d hate my life each and every time I’d hit the workshop.

There was this one application I thought of for a magnet that involves implanting it in a muscle, to create a one-bit interface channel with a computer. The problem is 1/ I can’t find anybody to implant it (and I don’t really trust even my otherwise very competent installer anywhere near my arm muscles) and 2/ it doesn’t solve the MRI problem. But I do have a xG3 in my box of DT parts for that purpose.

I might reconsider if Amal invents magnets that can be switched off. For a man of his talent, it should be easy. But he¨s too busy hacking his glycogen pathways at the moment. Until then, it’s just not happening.

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not even your

Palmaris Longus Muscle?

I know you were planning something for it, was that it?

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Shit… You really do have a long memory. I’m beginning to wonder if those rumors about you being an AI have some truth in em.

Yes that’s the one. I could have it implanted tomorrow by my installer. The trouble is, when I approached him with the idea, he agreed to do it immediately (after doing some research of course). Anybody willing to mess around with arm muscles - even a vestigial one - without looking slightly concerned even for a minute scares me.

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Meh, he said “It’s vestigial, where’s the 'arm in it”

Or he thought “Ha, perfect learning opportunity.”

As for @Pilgrimsmaster I am beginning to wonder if he is an accidental AI creation that got free on the internet and is now trying to hurry the singularity along.

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Joke aside, probably a bit of both. And to be fair, I think he might be talented enough to pull it off safely. But anybody who knows anything about the intricacies of muscles, tendons and nerves in the arms and hands should look at least slightly worried when asked to do this, and he didn’t. A doctor would be alarmed by my request.

I know he’s done enough crazy stuff in his life to be totally unimpressed by just about anything. But my overactive sense of self-preservation felt his response was a bit too casual-like. Call me Mister Boring…

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I don’t blame you, and if I was him I would look at it as a mixture of both.

I would look at what was required, and assuming I thought I could do it, would assume that as you had such a specific request that you were fully aware of all of the possible risks.

But I don’t blame you for deciding to pause on that.

The best thing about vestigial is, if it goes wrong, you can just remove it… :wink:


This doesn’t help my case but when I read that my first thought was an “indie” song :man_shrugging: that Amal posted called singularity.

Kinda catchy…
He thought it should be our theme song

I thought I should UPDATE this post for those of you that missed it.


I don’t know Lassi in person, but this might be very much the case.
Plus, bodmod artist usually help other people achieve their dreams, even if they seem dangerous / impossible / crazy, so there is a very different mindset compared to a surgeon or the like.
I once told Arnulf, jokingly, that I would like to have a USB port behind my ear or somewhere, and he instantly came up with ideas on how to achieve that. It would be annoying, partly risky, and totally possible. He just insists that I am aware of things that can go wrong, and that I agree in doing experimental stuff without knowing the exact outcome, and if that’s all okay, he’ll help me achieve whatever I’d love to get (as long as he is able to, of course!).
I really love that mindset, though I can understand it can be worrying if you’re used to doctors or surgeons who would rather talk you away from such ideas :wink:

But knowing that mindset, and knowing that Lassi is a Finn (who seem to be a bit special anyway :wink: ), his reaction doesn’t really surprise me :woman_shrugging: :smile:

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