The xMagic is here!

Well, 3 days after implantation both sides read consistently on the flipper :dolphin:

Edit: and the :pm3:


Oops my credit card slipped…


I’m very excited


Maybe a silly question.
The one side is the same chip as the xM1, right? And the other is the xEM

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Yes that is correct. One side is the T5577 chip (xEM) and the other side is a “magic” mifare chip (xM1)


Something like this

Yep, you got it buddy


Ok got it. Thanks guys

Just one little detail… the mifare s50 1k is the NXP chip that the magic mifare chip is emulating… it’s not a legitimate NXP mifare s50 1k in the xMagic :slight_smile:


Am I right in saying that because the magic 1k chip in the xMagic has the Chinese backdoor it is a Gen 1a? Whereas the Gen 2 is still used in the Magic Rings?

And the Magic Ring product page says Gen2

So, yep, seems like you nailed it


Can confirm… But this shouldn’t matter once the chip is under the skin.


Got it. I was asking because on the product page for the xMagic it doesn’t mention the chip generation but does say “with Chinese Magic Backdoor” and I was wondering whether that automatically indicates that it’s a Gen1a.


So i guess most people have started programming/ using their xmagic? So how is it? Performance etc…
The lack of posts raising any issues appears to be a good sign.

It works as expected, the combination of the magic AND T5577 is super usefull

It is a bit bigger than the NExT and im curious about difference in range, but i want to wait until all the inflamation is gone before checking it out “properly”.

It program wirh the flipper and proxmark perfectly :+1:

Its still a new product, you gonna have to wait a bit to have long term feedbacks. But personal experience is flawless right now :grin:


@XEMON’s post was super accurate.

To answer you from my perspective.

Really good, Im stoked with it.
I’ve used MF1k side a number of times already, including a couple of hotels door locks.
One was easy, the other took some patience, but when I mastered it, it was pretty consistent.

The LF side, ive just enrolled in a couple of projects, and works as expected.

Combined with my flipper, its a great implant.

:next: + :flipperzero_white: = :drooling_face:

I can’t give you any imperical data, but testing them side by side, I’m going to call them identical.

I dont know the sales numbers, but I do know DT sold out at least once, and I also haven’t seen any issues.

If you are considering getting one, don’t hesitate.

I’m trying to justify to myself to get another one.

Highly recommended


I am really looking forward to get one. DigiWell should have xMagic in stock very soon(hopefully).


Placement is the issue at the moment. And i only want the hf mifare side. The lf side would be obsolete for me.

Thank you both for the informative review.

The xM1 is what youre looking for then.

You say that NOWWWW…

Have you heard of the saying,
“It’s better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it”

There are lots of neat little products, projects that are compatiable with the T5577


For the folks in eu, upgraded humans received the shipment from Amal yesterday. I placed my xMagic order this morning. Should be here next week.


Fair point. I’ve no objection to getting it as both hf and lf chips in one but an xm1+ v2 would probably fit easier in the remaining space i have in my hands. Im not keen on getting it put in my outer forearm anymore. Has anyone else had successful placement other than p0 or knife-edge?