There's an Apex info page?!

I could have sworn this page didn’t exist the other day when I was looking at Vivokey Spark info, or if it did I somehow missed it, but there’s a whole page of info on the Vivokey Apex at now and it’s giving me SO many ideas for the future.

Really hoping I can have it setup as a Tesla key and also use it for other things without TOO much hassle, but may end up with one in each hand just for extra options.

This really can’t come soon enough!


so impatient, we were talking about it today @newuser


The devil is the Max form factor? is that just the glass capsule?


@CanuckCold yes

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I’m pretty excited to jam one of these things in my arm


Ditto. I think that needs to be my first implant. Getting itchy for it.

You might need to put some cream on that itch for a couple of months :hospital:⚕ and hopefully the Kung Flu :mask: doesn’t delay it too much further.
I think actually think @amal manufactured the CoronaVirus in his secret laboratory, to build in plausible delays into shipping and manufacturing, in order to build up the Hype to the APEX, just sayin’…

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence… Here you go

secret CCTV footage of AMAL in his Lab



Love it @Pilgrimsmaster. Our mad scientist in that lab of his :slight_smile:


I have been on the edge of ordering for a while. I know this is coming out, but the Amal said the spark should tie into it.

Also, I am not really sure what kind of chips I need.

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I’m really conflicted about waiting or just getting a spark. I guess I could get a spark for one hand, then get an apex later for the other or something too. Decisions are hard! haha

I didn’t know that this page existed until now. Pretty exciting!


I’m in the same boat as yourself. Still waiting on KeePass integration, also just having something that can continue to be developed for as well. Problem is, there is no integration yet and I don’;t think that the spark2 will have it.

So basically I’m holding off on all fronts… for now… :upside_down_face:

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There’s always the NExT! And it has some tricks up its sleeve for LF legacy applications that the Apex won’t be able to do!

NExT and Apex will be a killer combo, probably more so than Spark and Apex


Got any examples of things the NExT can do that the Apex won’t? I’m a complete noob still trying to sort out the mass of info looking for ideas of how to use all the different tech…

The NExT is a two-in-one implant that can do LF and HF (two different frequencies) - LF is used in a lot of older systems and is useful for cheap eBay locks and DIY projects (using things like the xEM Access Controller).

The Apex is HF only, but has a lot more tricks up its sleeve in terms of secure operations.

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I felt the same. I’m not sure how useful the Spark will be for me personally (especially since you need a Vivokey to access the forums) but I have seen Amal and others on here repeatedly state that the Spark will still be worth it after the Apex comes out.

I just decided to grab the White Bundle and if the Spark isn’t too useful, I might just remove it later on down the line. But seeing as @vicarious has 22 implants and counting… not too worried about “running out of room” just yet :rofl:


Solid point! Hahaha. I just worry a bit that if I go with either a spark or NExT right now, it’ll annoy me that I picked the “wrong” one as soon as the apex drops and I work out exactly where all the overlap in uses is and all that.

Ultimately I’m sure it would be fine either way, but since it’ll be my first implant my dumb obsessive brain is being annoying about just making a decision already.

Ah cool, well that helps a bit and gives me more things to look into how much use I can get out of the tech… Thanks!

That would be a GOOD combo, but I think, a 2in1 xEM+xM1 and an APEX would be a FLAWLESS VICTORY


Still pushing for that I see :smile: