There's an Apex info page?!

Knowing that I just need to decide where to put my Spark, should I put it between my and finger or save it for the Apex… hmm decisions.

Ahh ok, that’s good to know! might think about putting my Spark in my leg as a backup then, and leave a free spot in my hand.

Any advice on a good spot in the leg to put it?

Depends which Apex you go for

Dont think the flex would fit there well?

not really actually… but your leg is so meaty it really doesn’t matter much… just not right next to bone and you’re good.

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Satakjar was just asking about this. I don’t have any medical training, but here’s some info I put together.


Damn it… I just bought the ultimate implant bundle last week and I can’t even implant it for another month as it’s waiting for me to get there… It seems that was a mistake…

Right got it 2 apex; 1 flex in blade of hand and other 1 as backup on other hand between fingers.

“Babe the guys on the internet told me I need 2!..”



Not a bad idea really… I’ll likely setup one for my car, so having another for other fun uses would be nice… and then a backup, might need 3?

Looks at my hands/arms/legs/ring fingers: YOU get an Apex. YOU get an Apex. Everywhere gets an Apex!


So I’m kinda confused. Everyone is talking like this is right around the corner, but most things on that page say they’re under development. I guess my main concern is should I still implant the spark I just got? My plan was to get a NeXT in both thumb webings and then the spark in my left hand after the pinky.

Should I revise this idea? I mainly wanted to use the spark for unlocking my phone, computer, and various accounts, but Amal made the comment to not even set up a vivokey account with the spark. Is the encryption and security going to that much greater? Also is development going to stop on the spark when the Apex comes out?


Hmm sorry, I typically say the opposite… definitely set up your VivoKey account with the Spark… unless I typed it wrong… where did I say that? In short anyway, the Spark will serve as a great backup access token to your VivoKey profile.


An example @Kinanizer would be your Apex breaks and you get a new one installed, to verify that it’s really you, you could use your Spark as a cryptographic token to get your “backups” put on your new Apex.


I THINK I know where the confusion came from… From some quoted text taken out of context

When you read the full statement, your Point is clear

I hope that clarifies things for you @Kinanizer


Thank you, that makes sense.

That is what confused me, but no I still don’t get Amal’s point. I’m sorry if I’m being dense, but it really just sounds like Amal is advising to not get a spark. Unless by “think hard” he means he would recommend it? Ya, I suppose that would make sense. Okay, then thanks I think I get it now!

Yes you do :+1:

hah sorry… yeah that’s not the typical usage of that phrase… in the context of the discussion the person was considering not getting one… i could have definitely said it better though…

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I’ve been looking for dimensions on the Apex Flex but haven’t had any luck nailing anything down, has this information not yet been released? I know we’re all getting hyped on something that’s still awhile out.

Anyway, just curious as I’ve got my calipers out and I’m measuring spots on my hands. I went with the dimensions of the Flex One beta and found a couple decent spots. Didn’t realize how small the FlexNT was though until I realized I could theoretically put two of them end to end on the blade of my hand. Then it’d just be a matter of which direction I swipe my hand over a reader for which one gets triggered. I seem to have rambled a bit…

TL:DR Apex dimensions plz, calipers are cool, and the FlexNT is comparatively tiny.


It will be wedge shaped… 7mm wide at the bottom, 8mm wide at the top. The length is still TBD but somewhere between 28mm and 40mm is likely.

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totally didnt just shudder at the thought of a inch long implant being inserted into my wrist

That thing is going to be wild

hah yeah :slight_smile: … at first I was like “40mm is waaay too long… people will freak out” but then I remembered that implantable birth control (Norplant for example) is a 2mm by 40mm long rod and millions of women get them every 3-6 months without complaining what-so-ever… so yeah, deal with it hahaha.