Thinking about getting my first implant

I was thinking of getting my first implant. I wanted a magnet, was thinking the v1 or v2 but still deciding. I was just wondering what the pros and cons are of getting one. It seems really cool to me and I don’t see it having that many negative affects on me. I’m really new to all this and just wanted some advice.

What do you want to do with it?

Sense magnetic fields, pick up small metal objects that I work with. It can serve as a practical tool while being a cool body mod at the same time

The V1 , V2 and Titan

Titan is the senser

V2 is the lifter

V1 would probably be the better option for you, as it does both, but not as good as the individual ones .

Here’s some more info

Thanks for the advice

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That video was pretty helpful. I’d probably go with the v1 cause it seems the most practical. But I’d still be concerned about some things. Like what happens when the magnet fades? Or can I even put it in my finger tip without it hurting me in the long run.

xg3 Magnets are not designed for installing them in the Fingertip.

If you want a Fingertip Magnet you should choose the Titan since the Xg3s are too big for most Fingertips.

Or can I even put it in my finger tip without it hurting me in the long run.

The best is to have a conversation with your potential installer, because they will know more about the location and so on.

the right position wont hurt in the long run.

what happens when the magnet fades?

Literally nothing - the magnet just fades (that takes some time) (many many years) - others can tell more of decreasing of field strength

you can literally leave it your in forever (if you don#t get an MRI or so)

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Or if you do, thats a quick way to get it out :woozy_face:

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Oh maybe I’ll look into the titan than. Thanks for the advice.

The Titan can still lift things though right?

Not as much as a xG3 v2 though

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