This caught my eye and made me laugh

I was cruising the web looking for some stuff for a project when a link to O’Reilly’s Auto Parts caught my eye.

Somebody over there has a sense of humor!


Yup, you got it!

Too bad it’s never gonna be available. I’d like one even as just a prop.


Well, that looks completely …makeable
And activated with an xAC

Damn it

just what I need ANOTHER project (that I probably won’t finish)

Oooh oooh oooh , and connect it to my vehicle unlock system…


That’s blinky-blinky on a whole new level!

When we gonna see that pressure pad project of yours? Enquiring minds want to know.

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That made me shudder a bit. I rather dislike that character…

Haha, I wish,
It is still sitting on the bench, I have it set up to a Ding Dong Door Chime (my daughters choice) I wanted a star Trek door Whoosh sound effect, or something else interesting but oh well. I have made the mounting for the antenna.
A test CCTV camera setup to power on when the mat is stepped on but I may go for a motion sensor…
The pneumatic cylinder I got had to short of a throw, new one ordered but Kung Flu delays etc
and The Compressor I bought did not do as they claimed, I have a replacement, but need a couple of parts, again delayed by Kung Flu.
I have been busy with other BORING :sleeping: stuff, House maintenance etc.
But yes, I will share when It is done…

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If you have a Camara why not use that for the detection?

That’s the punch line / sound bite for “The National Enquirer”. You know, bulk magazine at the check out stand with headlines like, “Did Aliens Kill JFK For Marilyn Monroe’s Sister???”

Enquiring minds want to know.


Huh, it is also from a book I liked as a kid. :slight_smile:

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Are you just going to leave us hanging?


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The camera is not a security camera as such, It is more of a “who’s there” camera.
Analog camera system designed thusly,
Pressure pad powers on:-
The camera,
TFT Monitor in the bedroom
SD card recorder ( had a spare so thought why not )

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