Thoughts about "Ways to support Amal / DT"

While I might be willing to support Amal/DT in ways other than buying products, and I understand the dislike of Patreon and PayPal,…

I don’t want to have to set anything up for any cryptocurrency either.

Are there any other options that would provide support?

Edited to add: apparently the lounge is available before trust level 3, despite the labelling.

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Hmm I’m open to suggestion! I’ve been looking at (used to be transferwise)… and of course paper checks for all you dinosaurs are also possible hahah!

I do have a personal paypal account but honestly with as much terribleness I’ve seen lately from paypal I’m terrified of putting that out there.

I’m not sure but I might actually explore patreon after all… depends on number of possible supporters and if it would work out to be worth the trouble.


I don’t mind jumping through the hoops but there is a chance I might forget to send the crypto I bought while I wait for it to clear… I would happily subscribe to Patreon if you feel it’s worth your time and effort!


Hey, I resemble that remark… But then I remember last millennium.

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Ya, I need a more mundane / better way too.

Can I just keep on buying things? That might help a little.

I’ll look around and see what I can uncover in the mean tome


I’m sure more than a few of us would preorder an Apex even with a potentially long and uncertain lead time! :grin:


@amal would it be possible to simply add a $1.00 support option to the store?

Similar to the conversion $1.00

Then when ever someone wants to by itself or in addition to a purchase, buy say 20x of the item


I like that idea.

In the mean time I’ll just keep buying stuff.


The only issue might be the card fees that their processor charges… But still this is a good option.


Interesting… there is also the idea of just buying “custom work” at whatever quantity and putting in the order notes “donation” or something… I’ll look into it.

Well it’s like I read your.mind! Hahaha


I love this idea, it’d also keep me from spending the money in the meantime :wink:


That’s not bad at all, would involve no real changes to the site - 20x custom work with a note saying “treat yo self” or something :slight_smile:

Is it possible to do project based pots…
Edit: as well?
I recently had a thought about putting some of my freely spendable £££ into ‘ideas’. Similar to crowdfunding. But with less commitment from the behalf of DT.
So maybe if a project reaches enough funding that it worth wiping the bench clear and get on it … ?
I am (somewhat) aware of the amount of effort it takes to run such a company, it might not be possible in some cases.

The product might be the idea itself. If it turns into an implant: happy days!

It could make product development democratic on a different way.

Nonetheless, let’s splash some cash :partying_face:




I actually had a VERY similar idea, I was going to put together a more visual representation of it, but I think you explained it pretty clearly, at the same time I am also try to come up with a good way to display the status.

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It must be because he is twisting the mind control dial…:face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I am dumb to Blockchain, so forgive me if the question is odd:
Isn’t it a hype about similar (or very different) investments, like that tennis player did recently?

Either way, I m OK to splash the £ as long as I know what it was needed for.
Plasma machine? Cool! :cloud_with_snow:
Party for a whole week? Even better! :+1:
But blinkies… Yeah! :point_left::point_left: Those :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Ok so first off I have set up a LibraPay account;

So yeah I think stuff like this would be a good piece of content for supporters… new blinkie ideas are in the works as are tons of other things… but support would give me reason to take time to make regular update videos for supporters and speed up certain projects (open source door lock project for example)… and of course blinkies :slight_smile:


I think so … i will look for a way to track this…

Donated… Don’t spend it all on Blinkies! (I have parts on the way for an attempt at automating a thumbturn, for the US this should be something similar to the danalock but without all of the access control/app infrastructure.)

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that’s awesome!