Thoughts on the Proxmark VX

I’m looking into getting a NExT implant and want to have a capable reader/writer to go along with it so I can easily use it. I plan to use a phone for most of the editing of the high frequency side, but I also want to have the capability of editing, programming, and/or cloning access cards to both the HF and LF sides of the implant.

I was looking on the proxcloud site under their getting started page and they suggested this device and I was wondering if anyone had any experience with it or could give me a review of it. Its called the proxmark VX

I want to get a capable scanner but also don’t want to break the bank, so if anyone has suggestions of a better inepensive option, or other options in general, that would also be appreciated

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Don’t bother… get a proxmark3 rdv4 with the special LF antenna we’re working on… it should be released very soon. That proxcloud crap makes you pay a fee per clone operation. I find it reprehensible that they are taking open source projects like the proxmark3 and molding it into a pay-as-you-go service model.


Any chance of an LF antenna for the RDV3? Lots of us out there with it and without the money for the upgrade

unfortunately no… because the proxmark3 rdv3 is not manufactured by a partner and there are often variances in passive component tolerances that most manufacturers don’t bother with, because it’s more expensive. So, the end result would be a crapshoot when it came to antenna performance. Maximizing performance of an antenna designed for very small tags like the xEM or NExT… or really any of our x-series, requires tight tolerances on the tuning components involved - namely the SMT capacitors and the inductor windings on the antenna itself. Both must be accurate and very small tolerances to maintain reliable performance from unit to unit.

For example, if you had an inductor on the antenna that had a 5% tolerance and SMT caps on the proxmark3 that also had 5% tolerance, you could end up with an L/C circuit that is 10% out of spec! That would result in shitty performance and angry customers.

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2nd @amal on this one. Don’t bother with anything unless it’s a genuine rdv4.0.

We now have a custom antenna for LF implants:

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You guys are awesome… and only $35 for all your work on the antenna.

I wish I bought my proxmark through DT, but glad you now have it in stock…
Some great bundle options.

off to buy my antenna and some other goodies I’ve been waiting get

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