Thoughts on ValidFill RFID-Enabled Drinkware?

Hello everyone,

I have here an RFID tag in a beke that is used in coke freestyle machine, I tried to read it with the Proxmark but to no avail.
With what might this one be read?

likely a hybrid UHF mag couple tag

Maybe a uhf? better range, and it would explain the prox not recognizing it

Cyborg prime beat me to it

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I found some discussion online… From roughly 2004 to 2018 ValidFill used 13.56MHz RFID… In 2018 they switched to 902.75 - 927.25 MHz UHF tokens.

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Can we get more info on what it does?

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This Reddit post has lots of technical details but in short it will only dispense to authorised cups, and can be configured to disallow refills.

I went to Disney and Universal recently, and grabbed a cup from both. I don’t remember the proxmark output, but when I get home later this week I can scan them again.

Like people said earlier, the chips are used to limit/block refills. Ex: Universal only lets you refill the cup once every 10 minutes. There’s also usually a pressure sensor or something, so the reader is only active when there’s actually a cup on it.

amal, can we get uhf implants? I have a sudden urge to cover my hand in soda

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Problem is the path loss of uhf through flesh, you would end up with very little range.

Given that these can be a single use chip, you would be as well to buy a cup and just stick your hand inside. That way you can keep your hand covered in juice for as long as you want.

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Has anyone seen these cups by ValidFill?

Apparently they have an NFC tag on the bottom of the cup, so the drink machine (looks like they are partnered with Coca-Cola so these are exclusively on the Coke Freestyle Machines) can keep track of how many drinks you’ve had and how many you have left; looks like single serve cups come with 2 or 3 refills, and they also sell re-usable cups at a premium that can be pre-loaded with a number of drinks or can be tagged as “unlimited” (“Good all Semester/Week/Day” based on their video on the website.

I assume these would be LF tags? What are the odds you could easily just write to the tag yourself to change the number of drinks your cup has left? Better yet, would it be possible to just buy a tag yourself and write whatever needs to be on the tag to allow yourself free drinks? I know my understanding of what is exactly being communicated between the tag and the reader is lacking, but wouldn’t reading one of those tags give you enough information to reverse-engineer your own tags? College kids are already poor enough (just finished being one) and I would like there to be a way for them to circumvent this entire bullshit system.

You assume wrong. You might want to read this thread…

They are using UHF tags, and they don’t need to be writing anything to the tag, they could be using a networked “access control system” to keep the current state of the tag.

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Ah. Didn’t see that one, next time I’ll do a better search before posting. Thanks.

No problem, it is an interesting subject. I think there was a singular mention of validfill in that thread.

Commerce ???

Supply and demand?




Customer service?


Fair enough, maybe the students could try a barter system, they could keep chickens :chicken: in their dorm rooms and trade some eggs​:egg::egg: for some Coke :cup_with_straw:
or just use cash :money_with_wings: or card :credit_card: To buy drinks like the rest of us plebs…


series of links for posterity and research purposes…


Twitter Discussion here.

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