Tinker lab setup

This might be a good link to add-in for a setup consideration @ODaily power supply guide

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I’m reading through all this and it occurs to me that for someone with no experience it’s gotta feel a little like:

Maybe break it into levels?

Level 1, a clean place to work, basic hand tools only, multimeter, 40W soldering iron
Level 2, Parts assortments, basic power supply. Breadboard, advanced hand tools.
Level 3, Advanced soldering station, variable power supply
Level 4, Oscilloscope, signal generator
Level 5, Amal’s place. Maybe Saturn9’s
Level 6, Cyberdyne Systems.

Just thinking about it. Might be useful, might go another route. Heck, might not at all.


I 100% agree I wanted to get the info down first then split it up.

Beginner (just take it apart and have a look/poke maybe fix it)

Intermediate ( ok were going to fix this or build something)

Serious ( right im designing this and gonna mod that)

Amal (I am God!)