Tips to avoid a visible bump when closing fist?

I have a xNT on my left hand. I’m thinking of getting a NEXT on my right hand.

However, when I got the xNT implanted, there’s a slightly visible bump when I close my fist. It might possibly be that I was worried about going to deep, but I remember trying to keep it at center level. Therefore, I am hoping that when I get the NEXT implanted in my right hand, there isn’t a visible bump.

I did the implantation for the xNT myself, however I am not planning to do the NEXT myself (I will have my friend do it for me, and he has also done one for himself).

Does it pose a problem? Does it cause you pain or discomfort? If not, wear it with pride :slight_smile:

More seriously, the NFC chip in my left hand was implanted too deep and migrated even deeper. Now I can barely feel it, if at all. It’s extremely comfortable (as in, it’s never in the way) even when I do heavy physical things with my hand. It registers on my readers, but it doesn’t perform as well as a “surface floaters”.

On the other hand (pun intended), with the RFID chip in my right hand, I specifically instructed the piercer to avoid going deep. As a result, it’s right under the surface and sometimes it catches on stuff when I have to squeeze my hand through a tight opening - which, surprisingly, happens often in my line of work. Annoying… But it performs like a champ with all the readers I’ve presented it in front of. I easily get 1" to 2" of reading range everywhere.

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I’ve got two in my right hand. Neither show even with a closed fist. Pretty sure my first went too deep and is nearer to bone than ideal. I haven’t been too fussed to take an x-ray, although I am quite tempted to convince a dr to script me one (hopefully for free).

This is a typical result for most people, including me. It depends on body types, but basically the chip is supposed to sit directly under the dermal layer in the fascia tissue, and when you close your fist or grip something with any strength, the muscle underneath the chip tends to push it up a bit, which (for most people) makes it visible.

No, it’s not a problem other than the fact that I don’t really like having a visible bump

But if it can be a possibile problem with going too deep, then I will probably forget about it. But what will happen if you go too deep?

Going into the muscle tissue risks pain, migration, and scar tissue obstructing muscle performance.

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if it’s only appearances you are concerned about, just accept it.
Mine personally just disappears amongst the vascularity (even has a blue hue like a vein) but like Amal said each person’s physical habitus is different.
Depth is a tricky thing because you want to be between the dermal and fascia layers, if you go deeper you will do what Amal said

but WAY more importantly :wink: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: will likely result in reduced read range

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I don’t know where my “deep” chip has gone. It’s not in the muscle but it’s deeper than skin-deep and a sizeable blob of tissue has formed around it. Despite the reduced range, I find it ideally placed for convenience: it’s totally uninstrusive.

But I also reckon it was a complete fluke that it ended up there: I tried to get both my chips implanted at a very specific location, but both ended up shifting a quarter inch elsewhere, where they wanted to go apparently, and turning about 15 degrees for one of them. I think they lined up to get out of the way of the thenar muscle as much as the original needle hole would allow simply using my hands normally

So, controlling where the chips end up long term is a bit of a crapshoot really…

Does it have better range when trying to read from the palm side? Just wondering

It hasn’t gone that deep :slight_smile: It’s not actually readable palm-side.