Titan and Apex Flex Install Log

I posted an update earlier today, but I realized that I accidentally hijacked someone else’s old thread instead of updating my own, so here’s a new topic instead.

I finally got both my Titan (right ring fingertip) and my Apex flex (right forearm) installed today by DT Partner Steve Truitt in Albuquerque. His bedside manner, skills, and knowledge were all fantastic. He gave me a numbing injection in each site, after which the actual installs were painless, if uncomfortable. I got a pair of dissolvable stitches in each site.

I had experimented plenty with my Apex Flex before the install, but by the time I left the inflammation was already sufficient to prevent communication with it, as expected. As for the Titan, I got to detect it with the magnetic field detection film that came with it, but otherwise I’m going to baby it as much as possible and avoid putting it near anything magnetic until it heals.

The numbness has well and truly worn off now. Both sites are fairly sore, although not unbearable. I had the grim misfortune of needing to quickly catch something earlier with my right hand. It caused no discernible damage, but I was pretty miserable for a good 2 to 4 minutes afterwards. To be perfectly honest, between the nerves this morning and the soreness now, I feel just a bit foolish subjecting myself to this. But I know it’ll be cool later. Plus, I don’t have to worry about losing these valuable implants around the house anymore. Woo.



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It’s the dawn of day three, and things are coming along. Both sites really only bother me when something touches them directly. Despite my best efforts, though, one of the stitches on my finger looks like it’s starting to come undone. Thankfully the incision is still closed. My installer told me this might happen, so I’m planning to apply a drop of superglue to help protect the area.


It can feel this way first time (is it your first?), especially with a fingertip implant I imagine as it takes longer to heal. As they heal you will fall in love with them and the install procedure will seem trivial.

Congrats and enjoy!

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Thanks for the encouragement. :grinning: yes, these were my first and second implants. I was originally going to go for a nice easy injectable in P0, but the Titan was running out of stock and the Apex Flex went on sale, so here we are. And truly, the install process wasn’t that bad at all, especially considering how painful I’ve heard finger magnets can be to install. With the success of the numbing injection, I’d say I’ve had dental visits that were as harrowing as this, if not more.

I’d say there’s definitely been some cognitive dissonance going on in my case. Not only because this is my first experience being a “cyborg” (I can feel the cyborgs of the future rolling their bionic eyes at us for using the term simply for carrying a wireless chip in a pocket of flesh rather than fabric) but also because actually going go go get them installed felt really out of character for me. It’s funny, really. We get these installed in the first place for all the cool things we can do and experience, but this early on what I’m most looking forward to is when things heal up more and feel more “normal” again. :rofl:


The beautiful part for me was when things healed up and my new functionality became part of my normal life. Logging into my computer with a wave of my hand is now normal, and that feels really good.


Heck yeah! I popped off my phone case and I was juuust able to ping the OTP applet on my Apex Flex, even though it’s still healing. I couldn’t tell you how many times I was wishing I had it with me when it was still in its sterilized pouch. Being able to interface with it just now was truly exhilarating.


Eleven days in… Probably overdue for an update! It’s been pretty uneventful, which is what you’d want when it comes to implants. I had some discomfort with the install site on my arm any time I had to hold something in my arms. (It would pull at the site.) But it’s gotten way better now. Now I can do pretty much everything I could before without any trouble unless I bump my finger just right. Regarding my Apex Flex, it’s super easy to read and use now! …But only if I take my phone case off. I’ve never once gotten a read with it on, but I’m hoping that’ll change one of these days. If not… Anyone know of an iPhone case that is particularly good at not impeding NFC?

My install sites have been super solid without any oozing/heat/anything. Because of this, I decided it should be safe to get rid of the stitches, since they were catching on everything. I put a little super glue on just in case, but it doesn’t seem likely that I’ll need it.


Anyone know of an iPhone case that is particularly good at not impeding NFC?

Maybe consider a skin? DBrand or something.

And definitely play around with orientation and the speed that you present it to the reader. I don’t have experience with iPhone, but my setup is basically 3 layers thick (phone-case-ID-case) and I can still get a read 1cm away.

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