Titan and xG3 in the same hand?

Ok, so I have an xG3 (diametric) in the blade of my left hand. Is a Titan in my left ring finger a good idea?

I suspect the spacing will be inadequate especially during healing.

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I have a Titan in my left ring finger and an xG3 v2 in my left knife edge. While my Titan is still healing (about a month in or so), I wouldn’t say they’re remotely close enough to cause any issues - may as well be in different hands.


All magnets, xG3 v1 and 2 and a couple sense52. I never had an issue. 2-3cm of spacing is just fine :wink:

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Gentlemen, thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve just installed my Titan and I’m relieved to say that the whole thing went very smoothly indeed. That lidocaine tetracaine gel is literally superb! 2 hours with my finger in the sachet meant the only real pain I felt was the initial incision (scalpel). And even that was hardly anything to talk about.

No photos of the install itself I’m afraid. I couldn’t be bothered to sterilize my phone and potentially waste numb time but the end position, at least for now is perfect for me.

I’ll post some post install pics in the Titan install thread in the morning.