Titan batch #2 successful in less than 48 hours! New stretch goal!

Hey guys, the Titan batch #2 campaign was a success in less than 48 hours, and now we’ve added a stretch goal!


Flex needle goal after it hits 50?
From what I’ve seen quite a few people have installed theirs with one.


I’m curious how many people may have done this?

That is my plan.

On that topic, the 4g one would probably work fine for that purpose, right?


I’m definitely going pro-installer with this one, lol. I have five other implants, but as a sensing magnet in a finger, I’m not messing about with it, lol.

Of course, now I may need to wait til I possibly have some MRIs done, which means my xG3 possibly has to come out. :cry:

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Exactly. I’m going the most common way for this one.

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Good call.

The installer I talked to, on hearing some folks were using needles, basically acted like McCoy when that woman told him she was on dialysis in ST:IV, lol. “What is this? The Dark Ages?”

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I had my first two fingertip magnet installs done with a (smaller) needle because that was what my bodymod artist was comfortable with, and I don’t recommend it. There’s a lot of potential for complications because you have to cut into the finger to make a large enough pocket and avoid poking out again, which can cause damage to connecty bits. The recovery takes longer because the install was savage, and the magnet can be pushed out through the large opening during the healing process. Also the scar tissue on my fingertip makes it look all fucked up.


not to mention the needle hurts way worse than a scalpel IMO

44 backers and 15 days left. It looks like were going to hit the stretch goal!