Titan biomagnet, Neodymium core weight. Comparison to different magnets

So, I am trying to compare different N52 magnets that are available to me. We are talking about Titan vs Haworth in silicone vs one more in biopolymer I do not really remember the exact details about it. I am trying to make some comparisons and as all of them are N52 then the weight of the magnetic core should be what will mostly affect the forces that are able to produce.

So the main question is the weight of the core of the titan.

The other one is if anyone had multiple magnets how do they compare.

I’ve had…7 magnets so far. As of now I like the titan best for sensing. I had a 1mm x 2.5mm with only TiN coating and that didn’t have any lifting and was meh for sensing. I’ve had a 3mm x 6mm rod with a parylene coating and while that was stronger for lifting and fit in the fingertip, the titan is still better for sensing. Both xG3 variants I’ve tried were inadequate for sensing because of their mass. The cassox double magnet in PMMA had some interesting field mechanics, but I don’t think it was suited for much of anything in the end.

The more important question for me though is lifespan. The titan is my favorite mostly because it may last indefinitely. Silicone develops stress cracks. I don’t know about what “biopolymer” encapsulation you’re talking about, but if it’s not solid like PMMA it will also crack, and if it’s not perfectly cured PMMA it will flake. Just be careful about your choices. I can speak from experience that the more you switch out the more scar tissue you build up which limits your options. Plus NdFeB poisoning is a concern.

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Thanks, I am in discussion with my DT partner body modder and he is more knowledgeable in the health aspect I am really more about the technical details so I am trying to get these. We have talked about the Haworth ones being considered rather temporary rather than lifetime ones but as for him he had them also implanted and overall I am in contact with people who are praising both so I am rather deciding on the technical aspects. The titanium casing and lifetime guarantee is a pro in Titan’s favour while Nickel and silicon coating is a con for Haworth. But I would like to compare more complete technical details.

More complete technical details on the magnets performance, or on the coating durability?

This could help

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That is really helpful, but I am still missing at least the height of the insert in a titan. Why is there N52 NdFeB instead of height?

Go with 3mm x 2mm