Titan bought! so excited!

words cannot express how excited i am to be getting a titan, now that i have finally managed to place the order, i am just over the moon with joy!

planning to put it slightly further down my index finger than the haworth one i bought a couple years ago.

to those who have a titan, i’d love to know how it went and how it feels when in use? how much can you lift? does it vibrate more than any of your other implants? (if any)

i am placing mine in a slightly less sensitive area but it is still very sensitive so i’m not too concerned about that. i want it buried as deep into the finger as possible.

Screenshot 2022-07-15 18.17.10


Whilst you wait for the replies to flood in :crossed_fingers:

im not sure how much reading you have done, but the discourse search function works really well.
Just throw a “Titan” in the search field, you should get some good results.

Have you got an installer lined up?
Whens the big day?

Keep us all updated with your whole process…
good luck

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i’m hoping that the guy that implanted my other one will do my titan for me.

i dont think i have ever used this site before, so i’m grateful for the advice and will give it a go, thank you! <3

the big day, now that is the question! lol. i’m not sure, depends on if the guy is willing to take on the procedure, fingers crossed! lol

he did a really good job on my current implant.

thank you for the kind words of support! <3

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That’s a big plus already. Did you talk to him about your planned placement? Did he see the Titan yet? Because my artist was a bit surprised by the size of it (it is a bit bigger than a Haworth magnet), and actually had some trouble fitting it in my finger.
I have it on the “standard spot”, ring finger pad, slightly to the side, and I’m really happy with it - after healing time, it’s not really annoying (or my body instinctively changes some minor movements to adjust to it), sensing is nice (I just found out that it can sense my bread-slicing machine :smile: ), lifting is totally okay, though I can’t compare it to other magnets, since it’s my only one.

The spot you’re planning to install it in might be difficult, though… problem with the Titan, install-wise, is it’s z-axis - and you’ve got a lot less squishy stuff on the middle phalanx, compared to the tip. I guess that baby is gonna stick out quite a bit there, and I’m not sure if that’s comfortable, especially when it comes to gripping motions.

I’d say, if you have a good and experienced artist, talk this all through with him and ultimately follow his advice :woman_shrugging: :wink:


well i said where i want it and sent him the pic above but he hasnt responded yet. hopefully he’s ok lol.
thank you for the advice, i will have a long hard think about maybe changing my placement.

Others in this forum gave the advice of glueing some little thing in the spot where you want the Titan implanted, and just watch for a day or two how often you feel this spot during everyday activities. I didn’t, because there were no real alternatives for the placement my artist and me chose, but it might be an interesting experiment for you :wink:


ooh now theres a thought! i’ll try it, thank you!

btw any uk residents? i need to know if you got charged to receive from courier, and how long it took to arrive after paying.
i’m not worried, i totally trust DT and really look up to amal. i just want to know what to expect waiting and shipping charge-wise.
i feel like when the package reaches the UK, the post office or somebody at DHL is gonna want money for receiving the package. that happened with my haworth magnet.

do you think i might be better off moving the placement to here? i have a lot more meat in this area that will allow for implanting bigger items, but it will be less sensitive no doubt. has anybody had a titan implanted in a space other than the fingertip? and if so, could you sense anything despite the fact that theres less nerves?