Titan cleaning / needle install / ramble

It’s finally here! I consider myself extremely lucky to have found a seller. Thank you to a certain member of the forum <3

Although it was never implanted, it was not sterile upon arrival. I prepared a clean environment, donned a mask and gloves, and scrubbed it with a new toothbrush (cleaned with IPA) and a mixture of distilled water and soap. I then thoroughly rinsed it with 70% IPA and placed it in a borosilicate media bottle filled with 70% IPA, which I had cleaned using the same method beforehand.

It will sit in here for around 500 hours before it is implanted as I am waiting on my installer to get a shipment of lidocaine.

I know clinically clean =/= sterile, but from what I have been reading this should be sufficient. If you think I am mistaken or there is cause for concern please let me know.

Regarding the install, they are only willing to use a needle. I am wondering a few things:

  1. What is the smallest diameter needle that it could fit through? I feel like it would have to be widened further if a 3mm needle is used right?

  2. I am planning a lateral install in my ring finger offset towards the pinky. If they give me the option, should I request they approach from the tip of the finger or the hand side with the needle? My instinct says approach from the tip.

  3. I have seen a few people use a hair tie or similar to restrict blood flow at the base of the finger, then squeeze the blood into the hand prior to the incision. Is this effective and something I should consider doing? I will be using Vetbond glue to seal the incision (stitches are not an option) so I figure it could make the application easier if there is less bleeding to stop prior to applying the glue.

  4. If there is an installer in the Michigan area who can do a scalpel install with lidocaine I’d love to know. I’m also open to any anecdotes or advice in general about needle fingertip installs or fingertip installs/recovery in general.

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They probably plan on using the cutting edge of the needle like a scalpel. This is probably due to legal issues surrounding using medical implements as a body piercer / modder. It would not be advisable to try to push the magnet through the needle.

Side if they plan to use the needle like a scalpel, tip if they think they are going to push it through the needle.

No idea here… if it takes too long it could be a problem… necrosis is a real issue when blood is restricted. Advice would be to not do this but of course none of this is medical advice :wink:


I didn’t know anyone in Michigan willing to do scalpel installs. My high school friend Dan, owns Mothra tattoos in Wyandotte, I got him into doing glassies and walked him through everything that is needed for those. You could call him and see if he’s willing to learn

You won’t find anyone willing to do an install with lidocaine. That would be in you to consider sourcing or seeing if your primary care doc would inject prior to install.

If you look up self install videos I performed my xg3 in my finger with the hair tie method. It was much longer than needed to be.

My recommendation, as was my intent if I ever find a Titan… it’s to look up local hand surgeons and get a consult.

Given Michigan and it’s backwards thinking I didn’t really trust people here to do an involved install like that other than my friend Dan because I know he will over educate himself if he agreed to it. Maybe that’s an option and it may allow you to use those HSA funds that are just sitting there

Wow, that was very thorough…
I would have sent it to Amal for


My installer is sourcing some for me, but they are the only one I know of willing to do so.

You think they would be willing to do an install, or you just mean for a consultation? I wonder what costs would look like if so.

I meant injectable lidocaine. You’ll likely have to do it yourself if it is sourced.

Yeah I totally think If you get a consult and explain what your intent is they would consider it. Likely shouldn’t be a ton but I’ve always been of the mind that it never hurts to ask. Just didn’t come off as crazy and they won’t think there’s a psychological reason to decline you

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Same. They found a source and ordered a case of 600 vials. They seem interested in doing more of this type of stuff, so I might try to get them on the partner list. But I’m pretty sure they are planning to administer it for me.

Might be worth a shot. I think having some implants already would help them consider it.