TITAN (Contains spoilers!)⚠

This looks just great! Again, big respect for doing such things without numbing :wink:

Is the magnet on the side of the fingertip or on the pad? Can’t tell exactly from the pictures^^

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Went in through the side and it’s on the pad. We tried to put it as far from the incision as possible cause in my experience implants are squirmy little monsters for the first few days.


Sorry if I sound lost, or ignorant, but what’s the use of Titan magnets? I did a search on the forum but I can’t find any thread on magnet use. I’m very curious, but I’m a very practical woman, so I can’t imagine why are so famous around here. :joy:

MMMMH. Pizza <3


They’re for sensing. After installing, the nerve endings in your fingers will grow back around them. When the magnet is exposed to a magnetic field, like getting near a transformer or something, the magnet will move and you will be able to feel that movement as an extra sense.

So in addition to touch, taste, hear, see, smell, you’ll also have magnetic sense.

Try searching for “sensing magnet”. Also the first generation of sensing magnets were called M31’s, but they had coating failure problems and are no longer available. Try reading up on those too.

Good. Very very GOOD.


Haha, I did something similar with Roscos foot implant


Perfect explanation, @ODaily!

Beyond that…

This bit has to do with the coating.

Magnets are great for sensing or parlour tricks, but they have an issue:

They get attacked by our icky fluidy bodily bits and end up losing strength over time, thus you end up losing the sense.

So you got to coat the magnet in… “something”.

There are many flavours in that coating option, of course, but most of them have some considerable issues, as in they’re either too big, or also get corroded over time, or promote the growth of scar tissue around it, which also numbs the feeling over time… etc…

So it’s quite common that you got to replace your magnets every so years… And multiple scars in the same spots also leads to reduced feeling over time…

And that brings us to “the Titan”:

The strongest sensing magnet around, which is also the very first to be encased in Titanium, which promises a lifelong durability!


Omg it took me so long to understand this reply!!


Well, my Titan finally arrived to the land down under (Australia)!

I did not avoid spoilers (quite the opposite), so I knew roughly what to expect, but boy was I impressed when I got to see it in real life. It’s been unboxed (and then reboxed), and now I need to decide if / when / where I’m getting it installed. I’m looking forward to some more people installing them, ideally near me / in my state / in positions I’m interested in so I can hear about how good each place is.

And now, because why not, some pictures of my unboxing:

From last time I ordered from DT, I expected the label. Pretty sure it’s just X-ray inspection, since my tape / box wasn’t opened like someone else’s was.

The standard implant size box the smaller Titan box comes in. I love the label, how fancy and detailed it sounds - “N52 premium grade neodymium iron boron magnet core encased in medical grade titanium” :joy:

The beautiful custom box - it’s surprisingly striking, with all of its beautiful details

Inside the box!

Even the inside of the lid has the DT logo :slight_smile:

I didn’t realise from other people’s photos / posts that the card inside is actually sealed with a custom DT sticker - that was real fancy, I tried to preserve it instead of cutting it

And finally, the implant itself! It seems both huge and tiny - but I should have expected it. I did 3D print a to scale model of it before purchasing my Titan.

Apologies for the wall of images, can you tell I’m excited?!


I think that is the best description I’ve heard so far!! :sweat_smile:

Don’t apologize!!

This is the thread to vent your excitement!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, images appreciated! :wink:

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Morning after, looking good. Pain starting to set in, just a dull throb, but I will need more naproxen.
It’s bruised as expected. No signs of infection or anything going wrong.
I also managed to get a few stills from the video that show the actual incision.


Is that something that can also be shared? Id love to check that out!

I wouldn’t post it here. I could share some in DM but frankly it’s not very good, I was holding he phone in a dumb place and wasn’t in the position to make an effort to correct it. So it’s mostly a lot of blood, screaming and terrible jokes.


Aren’t those the best ones? :sweat_smile:

I still haven’t gone through my video yet. need to see how much can I salvage which isn’t just my feet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That install looks really nice!

And as suspected, you would need stitches given the sheer height of that baby! :grimacing:

Thanks for sharing!! ^^

Here’s mine as of 6 days old!

The little pink/amber coloured dots on the sides are just some droplets of blood trapped by the glue.

Yes… I am using superglue. :sweat_smile:

I really didn’t want to stich myself up and wanted a small scar, not to mess up the tattoo.

This led me to experiment with a different technique to install it (which would not work well on a fingertip, I’m afraid).

The trick seems to be paying off very well, since it’s healing at least twice as fast as I was expecting to be!

The height of the magnet was still an “issue” when it was freshly installed, since it kept forcing the skin apart at the incision.

I “solved” that by manually holding the magnet down enough to get the incision closed, and then applying Cyanoacrylate (a.k.a. SuperGlue) on top of it.

Had to replace the glue layer a couple times, but this also allowed me to keep applying anti-septic cream and scar gel (good for forming the pocket) constantly above it without fear of weakening the steristrip bond.


Mine is pushing up against the incision even though it has a lot of pocket… do you think gently faxing it away from the stitch is worth it? (I’ll probably scream my guts out) or should I just let it go where it wants and trust the stitch to hold

That’s actually expected.
Pockets heal by starting to close from the most distant end, then going to the incision.

Our bodies do that exactly to push out any foreign bodies. In this case, the Titan.

If your main concern is “the Titan remaining inside me”, then the stitch should hold.

If you want it placed where you put it… Then I would push it back into place, and then use a matchstick splint, or a steristrip closure, to keep it corralled in place.

I’ll try to make a pic.

This is also an important point.

Sometimes we wantr an implant to find it’s own more comfortable position. Such as with an xSeries on position 3, which should naturally relocate to the point where it suffers the less from your tendon movement.

Now, with an implant such as a Titan, and on the type of procedure used for implanting magnets…
There isn’t an “ideal place” for the magnet to rest.

the “place it wants to go” is literally outside of your body. So it’ll just migrate back into as close as possible to the incision site, which brings no benefit for the placement itself.

Well given my instructions were “as long as you hit the general pad area, put it where you can as fast and painlessly as possible” I’m not super troubled by where exactly on the top it ends up.
More worried that it’s gonna make koolaid man type of exist through the stitch.
The goals are 1. Keeping my finger and it’s full function 2. Keeping the magnet with lifting and sensing intact 3. Minimizing trauma. In that order.


In which case, I would not attempt corralling.

The stitch should hold. And by the time the Titan reaches the incision, your skin should have begun to reattach itself.

Keep an eye on it though, and keep the stitch for as long as you can.

If it’s beginning to push too much (Titan is the really tall, so who knows hos much pressure it’ll apply), then you can reinforce with some steristrips. Or even superglue.

But right now, don’t think you need to take any action. :relieved:

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Thank you! I’m always very decisive and methodical in the pre process. Then become a total baby right after and start second guessing everything and obsessing over every change in color and texture… it’s my process but I really value being able to talk to other people who can advice and reassure me.


it’s loads of people’s process! :sweat_smile:

better to be concerned and stay alert than undermine it and let something nasty grow! :wink:

So far everything looks great from your pics! :grin: