Titan coupons and cyborg Monday sale?

This is mostly a question for @amal but I thought I’d post it in the forum In case others had the same question

When going to use my titan backer coupon, I get this error “Sorry, this coupon is not applicable to selected products”.

Im assuming that this has something to do with some rule about coupons and sales breaking each other but what about situations where the titan discount is better than the sale discount? Is there some way to just use the titan coupons since it’s better or would we have to wait till after the cyborg Monday sale?
(If using both is an option, I wouldn’t complain about that either…)


yeah basically the coupon system isn’t smart enough to determine “best option” so for now you’ll just have to wait for the sale to be over (Dec 7th)… we tried some methods like making a Cyborg Week coupon code instead of putting things on sale, but that didn’t work either and made purchasing cumbersome… so since the Titan coupon is still good until nearly the end of next year we figured people with that coupon could wait a week for the Cyborg sale to finish :slight_smile:


Alrighty, thanks for the clarification!

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Geez, the outright AUDACITY of you Amal!

Telling all those Keen Titan™ backers that they will get a whole year of massive discounts… They ONLY get 358 days to use it.


Quick question, does anyone know when the sale ends? Friday or Sunday?

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monday 7th

Not soon enough, he got me again for a needle and xem