Titan crowdfunding campaign is announced

I mispoke, and you got me quoted before I could edit. :rofl:

For reference, cause we’re gonna talk about it and people always jumble them up, well I do anyways.

(first finger)… index
(second finger) … middle
(third finger) … ring
(fourth finger) … pinky

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You’re not thinking like a crook.

Snap up as many as you can early, let Amal make the limited run, then scalp them out at a huge markup when they’ve all run out and other people who’ve heard of this unique campaign too late and missed the opportunity start clamoring for more.

Plus you get the 50% discounts, which you can use to buy a ton of stuff on the cheap from the DT store and resell at face value.

Not that I’m advocating any of this of course - not to mention, you’d be detested by quite a large number of people if you did this :slight_smile: But factually, that’s what’s happening in other venues that offer highly sought after items in limited numbers.

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As long as people aren’t asses about it, I don’t really mind. It increases the # of available magnets. But the guy who buys a bunch and wants 6x the purchase price and a piece of your soul? Yeah, detested.

What’s funny is when they do that, and there’s enough demand for a 2nd run.

Still, I’d have to go to the bank and get loan to buy more than two. I’m stretching as is. Still, gonna do everything on my end possible to see this happen. I’ve wanted magnets for years before I joined here, and if I’d never heard of them, would know nothing of this community.


Yep: if Amal orders a second run immediately after the first one and leaves no gap, the hypothetical scalper gets burnt :slight_smile:

That 50% coupon code is very tempting… i wonder if the Apex will be out in a year. If it will, that would make this so much more tempting.


Apex will always be out next year. :wink:

It might not matter though. If you read the discount part again…

You will be given a 50% discount coupon code good for one year that can be applied to nearly all products in the DT store!

Note the phrase, “nearly all”. As generous as this offer is, there are probably some low margin items that may not qualify. Otherwise Amal might end up selling below cost.

With or without, if you are ever going to want a magnet, don’t skip. This might literally never happen again, and boy won’t you be kicking yourself.


Maybe i should crowd fund me a crowd funded magnet :thinking:


yep exactly… basically a lot of accessories are your typical crap margin stuff… implants and certain other things have better margins… flex devices have crap margins if you count labor time… which I do… and I’m expensive :slight_smile: … but still, we will sort out margins and discounts for all the good stuff.


No kidding… I just did the math and I’m carrying $693.50 worth of Amal in me (+ $228.99 worth of Amal that isn’t in me yet). And I’m not even close to being in the top-tier spenders.

Hmm, come to think of it, now that I’m re-reading the above sentence, I feel slightly dirty…


Maybe, but not when you consider all of your products come with a Lifetime guarantee, I think it works out actually very good value for money :+1:


:wink: :wink:


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Out of curiosity, I started calculating a bit, too…
Just realized that I’ve spent 3.300 € on piercings, tattoos and bodymods until now. More to come soon :wink: The titan (+ implantation costs) might push that up quite a bit…
But, taking into account that this sum was spread over 20 years, it’s not that much actually…

And that as well - everything we do here is pretty permanent, at least if we want it to be, so if you break down the costs to your lifetime, it’s totally okay :smiley:


Well, it’s amazing how much silly money you can blow without realizing it over a lifetime. When I quit smoking, I calculated how much I had spent in cigarettes over the course of 25 years, then expensive cuban cigars in the last few years of my “career”, and I came up just shy of half a million bucks.

But that’s okay, because I have no children, and I also calculated that I saved roughly a quarter million - not counting college - with that particular decision. Minus the cost of the vasectomy :slight_smile:

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Nice. I mean, that you quit that :wink: Do you use that money you save now for something special? I know some people who quit smoking use the money for something to “reward” themselves, in a way.

Hmmm… okay, I do not smoke, don’t have children (nor plans to have them) - so I guess I can spend about 3/4 million on bodymods? Shouldn’t tell my artist that, I guess…^^

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I replaced expensive cigars with expensive vaping equipment for a few years after I quit smoking :slight_smile: But now my collection of vaping stuff is extensive, so I quit buying. Now it’s all free money.

Also, I stocked up big time on high-strength nicotine base when it was ultra-cheap and before it became illegal in the EU, and then sold it all off at 6 to 8 times the original price. I’m talking 222 liters of the stuff. I just kept 6 liters to cover my own personal use until I die. Lemme tell you, I made out like a bandit on that one. That offset the cost of my expensive vaping purchases, and probably left some money on the side too.

I don’t do much with money: I purchase an expensive toy of one kind or another every once in a blue moon, and I enjoy the immense privilege of being able to do so without ever checking if I have the means.

That’s my luxury: I know I can do what I want without looking at a bank statement if I don’t want to.

Totally with you on that - that’s just great, and it works fine as long as I don’t feel the urgent need to buy a lamborghini or something^^

I can buy a RC Lambo any day :slight_smile:

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Can this be opened for purchase? I need to buy a KBR1 thing also. Would rather not add 5 days on top of the post office.

But, I can have… patience :face_vomiting:

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That’s ok @anon3825968, you’re supporting my kids so it all works out :slight_smile: