Titan install locations, lower body (like feet, leg etc?)

Ok, so I happen to have a Titan laying around.
I’m not much for a magnetic only implant, but I’m a bit bored and short of money and still have the Titan uninstalled.
So I’m just wondering, are there any sane, “make sense” install locations for the Titan on the lower body, preferably the feet or lower legs, that will also give some utility, like some sense or something?
I have access to a installer, just don’t know if there is any sane install locations if I really want to give it a try.

The Titan is a sensing implant, and I can think of a sensitive area where it would make sense if you SO is similarly outfitted. I for one would be interested.

There are few people that are similar outfitted as I am, but it’s a cool idea.

I’m kinda a bit concerned about the problem with a magnetic medical exam when it comes to the Titan, that’s kinda the kind that’s got me on the edge since I got the Titan. I have some installs up in my face and such, but I still feel sane enough to rule that locations out when it comes to a magnetic implant that could do dangerous (like fly straight through my brain-stuff) stuff in the presence of a medical magnetic field.

I have had 3 surgeries on 'that" sensitive area and I’m actually a bit scared about the install of the titan there, but maybe I can combine it with a real good installer on the other hand.

So am I. That’s why I’ve written off a Titan in my list of future implants, despite being desperately interested in experiencing the extra sensory capabilities it promises to offer.