Titan install sharing thread

Regarding a fingertip install, I can definitely recommend the method my installer used. My finger is large but thin and I haven’t had any issues with rejection. Basically he cut an incision with a scalpel and then used 2 progressively larger tapers, followed by the smallest dermal elevator available from Haworth to create a channel about 1cm deep. Then he just slid it right into the pocket and prodded it deeper with the taper.

You can check out pictures after recovery in this post (you can’t even tell it’s in there), as well as measurements on my finger size.

I’m going to have to measure my fingers later. That looks ideally done, the lack of a bump is what I’d want.

Is you installer a public thing, or does he/she prefer to fly under the radar.
How far is Philly even from here.
Hmmm, Google says, 18hrs 54mins.

My installer is on the partner map

:flight_departure: Arkansas - :flight_arrival: Phillidelphia

~4.5hrs by :airplane: plus travel to and from the airport to the studio, with a quick stop off for a Philly Cheesesteak :cheese: :cut_of_meat:


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So, I have a fear of heights and intensely dislike crowds. Gonna hafta pass.

Side note.
I used to work for a place that rebuilt various components for aircraft. Southwest is incredibly anal about preventative maintenance and I can highly recommend them. I’ve seen things that came off of planes operated by Indian Air that look like someone pitched a grenade into the works. As far as I could see the only time they fixed anything was when it completely seized up.

Hi Everyone! Super excited to be a part of batch #2!

The day for deliveries feels close now, and i have been thinking a lot about location and was hoping for some input.

I am specifically worried from the amount of people that say the fingertip is a bad spot for active people. I lift weights, shoot guns, sometimes rock climb, generally just fall on concrete, and other things that have my fingers compressed and impacted often.

Does this mean my risk of shattering in the fingertip is large? Or is the worry more about loss of magnetization?

Has anyone tried implanting magnets in zones 2 or 3 from my picture?

Zone 4 seems like a safe spot, but it does not seem like a too sensitive area.

I was considering zone 5 for a while… until i saw @Eyeux update :skull:

First of all, Welcome!

I think the Titan is so strong that it’s easier to shatter your finger and still have it intact there! :sweat_smile:

Jokes aside…
The issue I see with placing it in the fingertips, considering that I’m avidly into bouldering, airsoft, martial arts, treetopping and parkour, is that I might hurt my fingers by forcing the titan to displace itselt, or by squashing my tender bits between the titan and the bone, in case I crunch it.

Immagine doing a lunge in the bouldering walll just to land with all your weight being held on top of the titan:confounded:

Location 5 was a good experiment, but the loss of sensitivity happens way too fast. It’s the second bodymod I apply to that region (one on each side), and second time I learn why that was such a terrible (albeit fun) Idea… XD

I’m currently considering rather seriously about my lips (as an experiment. doubt would keep there permanently), or the outside of the middle phallanx on the thumb, sideways.

Apart from that, your option 2 seems nice as well. Not sure if I would have the same concerns as of pos 4:
I fear the Titan could migrate too easily if placed there.

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Maybe one day DT will offer bone coatings :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

The bone-to-metal pinching does sounds brutal, but i feel like that may be mitigated with going off to the side with my chunky fingers.

Option 2 is one of my favorites, I am just worried if there is enough meat there to hold the Titan in. I am a bit worried about it popping out during some stretching.

Migration is what is scaring me a bit about Zone 3 (that and the fact that it might pinch hard if I chop at something or pound my fist). Does migration change sensitivity? As long as the magnet is in contact with nerves it should be fine right?

That’s awesome! Haha. I have actually been thinking about trying my earlobes if there is a batch #3.

That’s why ypu put magnets on the side and not really on the part that’s down, if you know what I mean, or not?

In that position, I bet it will.
Aesthetically, might just look like a mole.

I get what you mean. And that helps with everyday gripping.
But here I’m talking about gripping while doing sports such as Bouldering.

Since I was actually at the climbing gym when I saw your message, I snapped a few pics to illustrate why I don’t see a single safe spot in my fingertips if I want to keep on with climbing:

IMG_20210610_162246 IMG_20210610_162019 IMG_20210610_162056

And bear in mind those are not even close to the worst holds you have.
And there’s also some smearing of your fingertips against the walls, and slapping your fingers against stone when you jump from one hold to another…

It’s pretty hard to only grip it from the part that’s down. You use all of your fingertips.

A good test, @baan , is to tape some small seeds onto the placement you are thinking, and then going to climb. I managed to burst some mustard seeds right out of the streristrip, and others got carved into my flesh. not pretty… XD


If you had told me that 2 weeks ago I may wouldn’t have it in my ringfinger now.

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I think I mentioned it a couple times already… :sweat_smile:
Still, that is my opinion, to my fingers, based on my experience with climbing.

I think we had someone else here who mentioned he used to climb with an Xg3 in his finger.

So… you can give it a go and share your experience. ^^

This actually made me laugh

Here is what I pictured


But im sure it is much more like this


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Will be trying this. Thank you!

@Pilgrimsmaster Sadly i cant skateboard, so it is a combination of the first gif and:
“Hey look at that weird leaf”
Pothole Materializes


Is it just me, or does that second gif need a grand theft auto style, Wasted.


Give me another minute… I’m just bored enough… Exporting now.

EDIT: i decided to put too much time into making it better :frowning:

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I learned today that Kdenlive has REALLY bad chroma key support…

But at least I only used open-source software :man_shrugging:


I wonder if anyone knows if it is a good idea to relocate Titan in this way? Cut on red, grab and move to black circle. Would it stay there? If not on its own then how could I make it stay there? If it’s safe and possible then how hard would it be? I suppose that you have to cut open the pocket around it???

I am still not having any problems with it apart from bump and visuals. Sorry for bombarding you with questions again :sweat_smile:

It would probably be I’ll advised to give that level of advice for body mod procedure… especially without being able to really get a good look at it in person… I would imagine though that cutting and grabbing won’t result in anything new that you haven’t already tried using external forces. I think your magnet is just stuck that way.

The reasons why Titanium is such a great material for medical implants is exactly the same reason why that would probably not work:

Just moving the Titan around would make no impact on the pocket which is already created and stretched. Which means no matter where you move the Titan, the space for it to fall back into the current position will still be there.

Also, the approach from the red line will pass dangerously close to 2 nerves you have on your finger.

If you want to change it, I would reccomend trying again in another finger. Because even by removing and re-installing, you would still need to wait for that pocket to heal back.
And most wounds like that on the fingers tend to never heal 100%, or heal with a lot of “internal scar tissue”, which makes it a bad place for implanting stuff.

Yet, as @amal mentioned, maybe another bodymod artist looking and feeling the region in person might have another opinion.