Titan install sharing thread

Long story short, I had a couple of big projects coming down the pipe at the same time. Because I couldn’t make contact with my planned installer in time, I had to push the Titan install back. The result of that is that I will be a little later, and thanks (hopefully) to early installers, a little wiser.

With that said, I would like anyone who has gotten their Titan installed to share as much with the class as possible. To Wit.

Who installed it for you? (if installer doesn’t want to be public, please just say so, but maybe drop us an idea of what city/region you got it done in.)

What was the cost?

Where was it installed? (finger, wrist, etc.)

How was pain managed? If numbing gel, then how applied, for how long, and how effective was it?

Vid / Pictures appreciated, but if it’s gory, please blur for the squeamish.
I’d also like you to share your general impressions about the procedure, your aftercare, and any concerns you might have.

With luck we can work out a decent knowledge base on Titan installation.
Looking forward to hearing from you all as your installs get done.


My titan was installed today, I’m in Southern Sweden.
It was installed by a professional bodymod artist and piercer, listed in the partner map.
I tried the numbing gel but I’m no point of reference for pain management because im resistant to anesthetics so I use mine. It hurts like a %£€^# and this is after getting a jumbo flex without any anesthesia. I see how lido would make all the difference but mostly epinephrine or another vasoconstrictor, blood made it hard to see so we had to check the pocket size a couple times.
The cost for me was nothing, he is a friend, we trade design work for bodymods.
The procedure was very painful but also over in 5 minutes. I did the install along three more.
Took two naproxen to help with swelling and pain and it’s been fine all evening.
Will post updates as it goes.


For pics see the TITAN (Contains spoilers!):warning: that one is already spoilered as a thread.

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Sounds like a good initiative!

Self install. (I’ll make a thread for it later)


I did an initial install on the left hand’s ring finger, completely sideways outbound, on the tip.

Then I did not like the bulge in that placement, so took it off.

Next day I installed it on the left wrist, outside, closet to the bone.

Teeth grinding. :wink:

There is already some chattery about it on the Titan thread, starting at this post.

I also mentioned there an experiment I did with numbing gel, overdosing and fingertips.

In short…

  • Numbing gel is barely effective at all for fingertips, unless you are very susceptible to anaesthetics or you risk giving yourself a much larger dose of Lido than necessary/recomended.

Mine are there as well.

Titan is diametrically much smaller than I thought. This made it possible to experiment with some new tricks.

On the other hand it is much taller than expected, which will probably make stitches become the norm for standard techniques.
That also led me to not like the first placement I tried (which is not the same place as @Mariarangok).

For my wrist install I tried an experimental technique based off dermal anchor installs.
So far it’s healling insanely fast, required no stitches and had no migration at all.

Unfortunately I don’t see it being applicable for finger installs.

That is one of the biggest issues with finger magnet installs: it will bleed like a fucker!

That’s why most installers apply some sort of tourniquet to the finger.

If you’re going to torniquet you’ll need to work really fast, though!

I don’t know if it’s a proper thread, but… I’ve just had my Titan installed and everything went fine, no pain with lidocaine injections, digital block and locally. No blood with a tourniquet.
I wasn’t looking at the procedure, as I wanted to mitigate the possibility of fainting, although I think it really wasn’t necessary. The problem is that once I looked at it, just before taping it up I noticed it was really visible under the skin. I am worrying that it was installed to shallow. I can upload some photos a bit later or maybe tomorrow. Id it possible that due to my finger being so pale it was more visible or is it unlikely?

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I think you had a bit of a typo and meant too shallow? If you installed it in the finger tip, there isn’t that much real estate to begin with so a bump is to be expected and so is the color difference. I can see hint of mine as well and this thing healed up pretty well. There’s a dark thing right below your light skin, some color showing through doesn’t sound like a rare situation.

You can see mine there has a little shadow area which is the magnet

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Yes, I meant shallow, edited.
Was it more visible just after the installation?
Because my was much more than what I can see on this photo.

do you mean you could see a big deformation in your skin but the skin looked a uniform color, or are you saying that the skin was so thin that you could see the color and shape of the magnet under the skin, like it was only sitting under very thin tissue paper?

It wasn’t that bad, but I could see the color much stronger than in this photo above.

gotcha… well, it’s probably right under the dermal layer, so the color would be somewhat visible. I think though as healing takes hold it should be “absorbed” a little bit further into your tissue and as it is encapsulated it should tone down in color as well.

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Damn, that at least calmed me a little. Thanks
It’s nearly 1 AM here, I’ll try to post some photos around 3 PM.


So I just realized that you can’t see anything under the strip thingy (forgot the name) and I should probably wait few days before taking it off.
Just in case, what’s the procedure if it’s too shallow?

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It’ll get rejected, it will grow out. If you wait you can probably just take it out with your hands at some point. But before that happens I’d go to my installer to take it out, sanitize and put it back in in a different finger.

Problem is, this usually leaves a more visible scar as opposed to “cutting it up and taking it out again” - at least it’s that way with piercings. I tend to take stuff out once I’m sure my body is rejecting it :woman_shrugging:

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How do you know if it’s being rejected? I would probably have a hard time telling if its being rejected or if its an infection :sweat_smile:

With piercings, it’s easy - if you start to see more of the bar than before :smile:
Usually it’s a very gradual process, and not necessarily with the typical signs of inflammation, but you can see that the implant is moving. Just a little bit, or maybe you start to think it’s sitting in a strange angle somehow. But to be honest, I only had that with piercings and microdermals until now, so a Titan might behave different :wink:

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Is it possible to reimplant it in the same location, but at the correct depth?

I’d guess not instantly. My installer wont reinstall anything anywhere without waiting a couple months to 1.5 years.

My linking skills aren’t so hot, but there was that one person (sorry person memory is terrible) who had a flex reject?

My guess is the skin will lose color, feeling, and then start turning black? I know stuff can grow naturally out also, so that could happen I guess, but I feel it would be unlikely

To answer this part, anything is possible, but it might not be the best idea. If your nerves are damaged already, another incision could do more damage. Also keep in mind I am not a doctor, none of this is medical advice.

As long as it is not infected, leave it alone as much as you can. Our skin isn’t that thick. If it is not infected, and it stays put, you should be good. If it is too shallow, it will come out no matter how much you baby it. An infection may accompany if I had to guess.

Let’s see if @greydoc has any input if he is around.

Rejection tends to look more like an infection/inflammatory response