Titan install sharing thread

You can’t wash your hands for 2 weeks after install? :thinking:

My install was 3 days ago, since today it is closed enough so that i started washing it.

It also highly depends on your body and the wound.

Stitches should kept dry longer i think, my skin just flapped back, no stitching needed there, feels really good - sensing works already, pain stopped, i stopped wearing bandages since today.

I think just by looking at it you can determine if the surface incision has closed enough.

Letting it soak water would be to early for mine but a normal wash was fine for me.


As usual: This is no medical Advice, i have no clue what im talking about.


I’d love to hear from some people who’ve gotten a Titan in -0 or P5! I originally wanted it in a finger, but I’m afraid I might not be able to rock climb as safely if I do. I’ve got a NeXT in L0, but R0 and both -5 are nice and open. How’s the sensing in those positions?

I don’t have a Titan, but from what I’ve gathered by talking to others, neither -0 or P5 are as good as a fingertip by any means, but they should still work for sensing. I have an xG3 V2 in R4.5 (it migrated kind of between the two, but it’s probably closer to P5), and I can do some light sensing with it. I’d imagine an actual sensing magnet would work fairly well.

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I’ve finally gotten my batch 1 titan installed as of this afternoon, and now my city is going into lockdown :sweat_smile:

Was a needle install into -R0, my installer was a little flustered since it was her first, but it went really well. Haven’t really seen the entrance / how it’s going, was too focused on not passing out / on getting (gross) my puke into the vomit bag. Will hopefully post some updates here as it heals


I got my titans installed by pineapple yesterday. One on the side of my left ring fingertip and the other at -L0. It was a good experience although the vasovagal response was very strong this time. They’re very nice over there and I think I will be going back.

Now to play the waiting game and see how these titans turn out.


Ok, so it is currently the second day after my install, so I thought I might flesh out my experiences and provide a small update:

My install:

I have a batch #1 titan that was installed on the 29th of July at around 2:45pm GMT+10:00. It was install into -R0 (i.e. palm side of the very common P0 in my right hand) with a standard 4G piercing needle provided by my piercer.

My installer is the wonderful Jackie at The Piercing Shop Brisbane, in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. This was her first titan install, though she has done multiple xSeries and flex installs prior (including 2 xSeries in me). It cost me under $100 AUD, using their stock of 4G needles. I’m not sure how much autoclaving the custom needles costs though I will find out soon as I have a flexM1 or 2 to go in.

For pain management I attempted to use the numbing gel, applying it directly to the area and the putting the bandage DT includes over it. This was left on for just over 2 hours, but as I’ll get into shorty, it wasn’t super effective.

As for the actual install it was… interesting. As I mentioned above / elsewhere, I don’t tend to handle needles well in any situation. First the numbing gel was removed and the area was cleaned thoroughly, and an estimated final position was marked. Then the pocket was created… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: it hurt, despite the numbing gel. There was the first pain as it was pushed until the bevel, and then a slightly different one as the pocket itself was created. I’m pretty sure the numbing gel did do something, as I could feel the weirdness when cleaning my hand / tenting, but it wasn’t enough. Maybe it was time, or amount, or something completely different :man_shrugging:t2:. Then the magnet was placed into the pocket, this took 2-3 tries as the magnet stuck to the tweezers. A bit of gauze plus pressure to help stop the bleeding.

Right about this point I began to feel pretty terrible, like has happened in the past, so the chair was put into a lying down position, and I had some cold water / juice. Unfortunately unlike the previous time with xSeries / vaccinations, I also became quite nauseous, and ended up (gross) puking, though my piercer was prepared for that sort of situation. I actually felt so much better after that though, and about 10 minutes later with a strip plus a breathable bandage on I walked out and caught an Uber home. Because of all of this, I have no pictures / video of the install, sorry :pensive:.

Despite all this I’m likely to repeat this at least 2-3 more times for future flexes :rofl:. The things we do right?


Day of install

I basically got home, took two paracetamol and two ibuprofen and took a nap for 3 hours. Unfortunately not long after I woke up, it started bleeding but that only lasted 30 seconds to a minute before stopping. I had some dinner, took another round of painkillers, watched some TV and then went to bed where I had a relatively restless night. I tried to keep my hand still / not use it at all, and generally hold it up.

Day 1

This was the day that I first changed the bandage, probably should have been earlier due to the bleeding, but oh well. Here are some pics of just after removing the bandage and after a bit of cleanup.

(Old blood)


Only took one round of painkillers on day 1, was surprisingly painfree, which is good. Definitely looks swollen though, and am trying not to move it too much.

Day 3-5

Pretty uneventful, generally left it along / tried not to get it wet. No pain / soreness, but definitely feels really weird / not the best range of movement. Also I would not recommend leaving old blood on the skin for too long - it’s really hard to clean it off :rofl:.

Here’s a pic on day 5:


Mind if I ask a couple questions about the -L0 install? If/when I get a titan, that’s one of the main placement locations I’m considering, and I’ll be going to Pineapple as well.

  • Did Pineapple prefer to use a scalpel, or did he go with a needle install? Sutures are something that I… don’t really like, to say the least. Curious what he prefers to use for that position.

  • How was the pain? Did you use any numbing?

  • The big question: how much did it cost you? (If you’re not comfortable answering this one that’s totally fine obviously.)

Yes He preferred to use the scalpel He chose to go in from “above” so to speak. The pain probably would have been considerable without any numbing. It cost me 600 all told but that is because of a bulk discount since I was doing 3 installs in one go. As far as placement goes I would say its spectacular. The sense is much higher fidelity than the xG3 V1 that I have in the blade of my hand. I have this UPS sitting next to me. I normally can’t feel anything from it with the xG3 unless the UPS is charging its batteries or the inverter is running. Now I can feel it as it idles from over a foot away!


So, i need to tell about my titan install.

First things first: I do not recommend self installation. Its can be dangerous, looking for a professional installer is probably the best and safest option. Please do not try, just because you saw this post - it will most likely end bad.

So, 9 Days ago i installed the Titan, some of you have seen the vid already.

My cam run out of storage after aprox 15 min.



Full not sped up vid

I actually had a failed attempt a week prior.

i was just not able to cut the skin, due to a wrong angle with the scalpel, not enaugh tension on the skin and wayy too much lidocaine in so it was swollen like trumps face.

While the install it had 33° Celsius in my room, and i was not in the mental state for it. i installed it just after the postperson delivered it without any mental preparation - it was meant to fail.

I got some awesome tipps and support on the Discord and after aprox a Week i felt ready to try again.

On the first attempt i had a hair band to keep blood from rushing in the finger. after 15 min the finger turned grey, that was another reason to stopp the first attempt.

when i cut the rubber away the pain was so damn massive, from all the blood rushing back and it felt like my finger will die off.

on the second attempt i just didn’t use any rubber band and it worked fine (making it looser would have also worked :D).

I injected some Lidocaine in the base of the finger, it was a bit numb in the beginning but every minute i was able to feel a bit more.

I did the first cut, it was straight forward.

Then i tryed to create a pocket with theese tampers


i pushed them with all the force i was able to bring up, it took about 5 min - then it did Plopp and was in :smiley:
i kept increasing the hole by using bigger tampers, and increasing the size of the initial cut.
The Vid stopped recording just when i unwrapped the titan, but it was not over then.
I hardly underestimated the size the pocket needs, and my biggest tamper was too small ;/

i made the pocket way deeper then needed because i wanted to use all the size the tamper can offer.

in the end i held the scalpel in the pocket and did some cuts to make it wide enough.

getting the titan in was about the same afford then getting the initial tamper in.
i pushed it in with a plastic tweezer, and i was afraid it will shatter, because of the pressing force.

it created some trauma due to to the tension that the titan created when going in. the pocket it self was not a problem but the way to the pocket was just not wide enough.
You can see a little blue spot from the trauma at day 4

  • After Install

grafik grafikgrafikgrafik grafik grafik grafik

  • Day 2

  • Day 3
    It got wet ;/
    Since this day i stopped wearing bandages so it can dry and keep dry.

  • Day 4
    Second pic shows where the titan was. it migrated a bit more to the tip of the finger now.

  • Day 5
    grafik grafik grafik

  • Day 6
    grafik grafik

  • Day 8
    There was a dead piece of skin at the incision, i cut it away.

  • Today

grafik grafikgrafikgrafikgrafik grafik grafik

It feels really great, nearly healed off.

Im sorry for my poor image quality.



Thanks to everybody who helped me! :heartbeat: :heartbeat: :heartbeat:

without all the people who gave me awesome input it would not have worked.

Thanks for not talking me off and instead giving me tons of useful infos for every question, regardless how stupid its is!!

Special thanks to @Satur9 who recommended and explained me the whole tamper method instead of cutting a pocket and @Ragebolus for all the input regarding sterility and being a cute mfer :sparkling_heart:!


My batch one titan went in last night! I am currently at work so this will just be a quick post with pics but I’ll write up a much longer one later.


So I’m super sad my install failed.
My fault
That said, when I am ready to reinstall - what alternative would y’all recommend to the ring finger?
I want to optimize the sensing ability, but I want to make sure this is (as much as possible) a one and done install.

i feel sad for you :confused:

idk… middle finger? thats where mine went.


i heard lots of positive stuff about that.

i dont think anyone can recommend a spot where a self install is a one and done. it totally depends on how you do it and not on the spot i guess.

looking for a professional installer with experience would be more like a one and done thing i think?

anyway, good luck on the next try!

you can come over and im gonna do the install /s

Was that an invite to an install party!


my middle has an xSIID … i suppose i could yank it and deepen the hole… :slight_smile:

was also drunkenly considering … under the fingernail, the sensitivity alone would be amazing :slight_smile:
im worried the nail would grow and push it out…

as long as there is beer and sausages, IM in!

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i can offer a couple hundred liters of about a year over date strong beer. it were some thousands when we got it but most of it is gone. BAAARP

and just tofu sausages.

  • vegan - not even sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

fck - we should not derail further. there is another thread 4 that :smiley:

Well apparently I can’t edit my earlier post (403 forbidden), so I guess I’ll just make another :sweat_smile::

Day five

Still looks really ugly (clean blood of you skin ASAP people, don’t me like me :rofl:), but it isn’t hurting or sore at all. Currently still trying to keep it dry so as to make sure the scabs don’t get too softened. Feels interesting, and I can definitely tell there’s something there. Here’s a picture on day five:

Day 8-9 and first sensing!!!

First time ever getting the install site properly wet in the shower, and it really helped to clean it up. Here’s a pic from before the shower and the next morning:

Also since it has been over a week I thought I’d try sensing out for the first time. First up, the ever faithful microwave. WOW, I must saw it’s a really crazy feeling. It’s like a buzzing, kinda tickling, it was really quite shocking. Unfortunately I only got around 5-10cm range, but still, the microwave is old and I imagine my nerves and other tissues are still healing. The second (and final for now) thing I tried was the fans in my laptop. Took a bit of concentration, but I can feel them from the keyboard side, and a bit more from the bottom. Far far weaker than the microwave, but still really cool. Can’t wait for it to fully heal!


Any word on this? I’m in Indy, and the “partner” in South Bend has not responded to my email from over a week ago.

The partner map is not always upto date.
More of a “correct at time of printing”
but there is a project going on in the background to get it upto date / revamp

Partner map SOON ™
Vivokey Apex IMMINENT ™

Personally I would try a phonecall, just to at least make sure they are still in business.


I had much more luck contacting folks on Instagram… for some reason.

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