Titan install sharing thread

When I contacted him the answer I received was that this kind of procedure was illegal in his area due to the health board considering it a surgical procedure…

Also update (install was Saturday night, it is now Thursday):


So where’d you get it installed then?

I had a friend from my dorm who self installed his haworth a while ago do mine for me. While I was at it I convinced him to order a titan of his own to replace his degraded haworth.

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I’ve heard a tattoo shop say this to me as well. (Installed one anyway because he thought it was badass). But I’ve also had another install my implants and not mention it being illegal (Time Bomb Tattoos - Fredrick, MD). They’re also going to be installing my Titan. I have a bunch of videos of my gauntlet being installed but they’re in Apples .MOV(?) that isn’t supported on the forum. I’ll convert them eventually but most file converters leave the footage looking worse than just not uploading.

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I know this is off topic but ffmpeg will do file conversion without reducing quality. It just has a bit more of a learning curve.

Installed my titan biomagnet wrote a full breakdown of my home install on this thread

Photos > Surgical and healing photos Contains Gore




it healed nicely.

The position is not the best one because its direct at the pad of the finger, not even a bit to the side xD - well now ive gotta deal with that :smiley:

Next one goes more to the side of the finger :stuck_out_tongue:

Lifing is compared to the xg3 in my finger quite weak, sensing “Range” is still better on my xg3,
but some fields make the titan vibrate way more then the xg3 ever did.

Cant wait for all the nerves to crowl around the titan!


How long does that usually take? I’ve had my xG3 for about a month now and I can feel other magnets but that’s about it. I don’t feel the microwave or speakers or fans

(I am no expert, this is a guess based on personal experience)
My titan is about a week old now and I can already feel fans, phone chargers, Microwaves… So I would Guess that if it’s not giving anything yet, the xg3 might just not work well for sensing in your case as unfortunate as that would be…

I hope I’m wrong and the time a titan takes to grow nerves back might be very different to an xg3 but I thought I’d throw my experiences in anyway

Out of curiosity, has it been annoying at all?

I’ve been really curious if, especially given the amount of electronics I tend to be around, if sensing would be irritating after a while.

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Not so far at least. I’m still in the this is so cool and exciting phase where I descovery everything that produces sensation. Maybe after a good chunk of time it might be less exciting but I don’t think it’ll get annoying.

What has gotten a little annoying is babying the finger while working two retail jobs because it is only a week old and not fully healed


New on here, but been waiting 15 years for a sensing magnet that I consider acceptable quality. Fingertip install is a no go for me, heavy work would likely push it through my skin. Am thinking of the web of skin between my fingers when doing the two finger either side Vulcan salute thing. Any thoughts, links, insults, bribes etc?

Hello and welcome :slight_smile: The value of a sensing magnet is maximized when placing it somewhere with a lot of sensing nerves, and anywhere on the top of the hand is pretty sparse in that regard. Some people have explored putting it in the palm side of the hand between thumb and index finger… and on anything other than the Titan I would say that’s a bad idea… but it seems to me that some people are finding success with that location.

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Excellent. I will of course do proper research before installation, but that seems like a good starting point.

Edit: This feels so cool, that I am having a genuine conversation with a dude on the other side of the planet about a grey market upgrade implant. 10 year old me would approve.


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Install went pretty well! My installer had to readjust the pocket and we only used the lidocaine halfway through because I was too ready to get it installed! I did almost pass out but it might be because I donated plasma yesterday. Will update with more pictures as it heals.

It’s super glued shut right now :slight_smile:

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I had to make sure I re-read your post.

Yeah, my installer just asked if I wanted suture or super glue. And I went with the super glue! He said to re-apply in like 24 hours.

To be specific it was “krazy glue”

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