Titan install sharing thread

Antiseptic also

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Update picture it’s been 2 days so far. I’ve managed to not play with it too much. And I’ve been babying the finger like no tomorrow. No pain or anything as of right now! I keep spraying the wound with the saline solution as well. :+1:t2:

Edit: it’s now been 4 days and I can move small (I think N52) magnets from about a foot away with my Titan. With 1 I can make them follow me and with a couple they roll like a car. If I wasn’t healing I would upload a video and some pictures. But for now I’ll just update the Titan totem post with my “totem” I guess.

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Hmmmm, that sounds interesting. Can anyone report on how it worked out for them?

I’ve tried to install in my finger tip, but I had to stop as it got way to spicy for me. Don’t have access to lido and self installing.

I have considered the knife edge but not 100% on the sensing capabilities of that location.

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Here’s mine 15 days later, the stitches are removed… I can see it through the skin tho. I hope it’s not problematic


Really quite good actually, though honestly it can’t lift anything :cry:. I’m nearly a month in (28th of last month was install date) and I can sense microwaves, laptop chargers, fans in laptops, LED panel power supplies etc. from 2 cm away (fans) to over 30cm away (microwaves), though the closer you get the stronger the sensation.

Somewhere in this thread (Titan install sharing thread - #168 by DonFire and Titan install sharing thread - #178 by DonFire) I went into my install / healing, and here is what it looks like currently:


Thanks for this. Don’t know now I missed that. I did read this thread… honest I did. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Would you be able to golf?

Would you still be able to lift weights?

This posistion seems like favorable to my lifestyle/self install.

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I had my Titan installed yesterday via scalpel. It was a surreal experience.


How so?

I had a local anesthetic applied. I couldn’t feel anything but watching it made a weird mental disconnect. I knew it was my finger and watching a scalpel and other tools go inside my finger to create the pocket but not being able to feel it just caused a weird sensation.


Such a wonderful feeling right?

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I don’t golf sorry :cry:, and haven’t really tried lifting weights since I got it installed. Saying that, what type of weights are we talking? Dumbells? Barbells? I might be able to give some a shot today

Can you swing a baseball ball comfy?

Would you feel confident holding a tire iron in that hand?

Would you still be able to open hand slap someone?

How about holding a knife, think it would be hard to hold a knife and make a stabby motion?

I guess I do a whole lot of work using my hamds, (
Not all of the above)

I just want to know if anything would ever harm it there involving your hands.


Would you be able to do this?

If you can, it should be good for everything else.

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I can do a pushup on it, and I think so, that’s over a really big area comparatively / it’s not a sharp or small round pressure point directly on it.

I don’t have a knife of the style you’re probably thinking of, and it’s in my non-dominant hand but I’ve just picked up a few from big chefs knives to smaller handled ones to an old fastioned stanley knife, and none were painful, but they weren’t exacly real comfortable either. I imagine depending on resistance during use it could definitely hurt a bit, but that that point, :man_shrugging:.

Never held one (I think?)

Wish I had one to try for you, not a super sporty person sorry (think typical nerd)

Maybe… I’ll try it today if possible, though it’ll be with a really light weight. Honestly I’d be more concerned about excercises that have the bar rest squarely on the webbing (I know some people do that as a modification to the standard move for said bicep curls)


OK next set of questions.
I’m just considering getting a TiTAN, and had some random thoughts on compatibility with my lifestyle

Do you think you could bind something tightly with duct tape or cable ties /zip ties.?

Could you lay out some thick plastic ontop of a large rug in an otherwise empty room?

could you pull start and then wield a chainsaw.
If not,
or if you wanted to, or needed to be more quiet, could you use a hacksaw/ butchers meat saw?

Could you roll up a rug?

Could you pick up and carry a rug, and place that rug into the boot/trunk of a vehicle?

Could you drive a car to say, a secluded thick forested area?

Could you dig a hole with a spade or shovel or if you couldn’t,
would you be able to operate a wood chipper at a pig farm?

Thanks in advance

I am just planning ahead, and some other things



Interesting set of activities, are you a farmer or serial killer Pilgrim

I think I could do pretty much all of those things with a titan installed in -P0 tbh, especially since it’s in my non-dominant hand, but there’s a chance that the spade / shovel or chainsaw might be slightly uncomfortable, at least until fully healed. Wonder if the chainsaw would vibrate the magnet :unicorn_thinking:


Farmers need to get their fertilizer somehow.

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Jokes aside, I understand where @Backpackingvet is coming from. I had the same thoughts concerning the -P0 placement and I got one put in anyways. So far there have been very few issues with it. The first couple of weeks I had a little trouble opening the bedroom door with my left hand (the door is weird and gets jammed easily). A few days ago I put my car up in the air to do some checks and maintenance. No issues even when torquing the lugs. The only minor discomfort is when I grip an aerosol can it feels a little weird. Other than that everything has been great. The sensing from that location has been pretty much on par with the finger magnet.

edit: I could totally slap someone if I wanted to :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll chime in here a little bit with my ~3+ week old titan install in the ring finger of my dominant hand on the inside edge of the finger (towards the Middle finger not directly on the past).

After the first couple days of being really careful with it, I started just subconsciously avoiding the finger when gripping things without even thinking about it. I’ve been able to do pretty much everything I’ve tried it needed to at home and in my 2 retail jobs. Recently I’ve been intentionally gripping things in a way to put some pressure on the Titan and it’s weird but still doable as long as you have the rest of the hand to help. Id say the most pressure id put directly on it before it starts to become uncomfortable is the weight of my phone directly on the magnet with no other support.

The only actual pain I’ve gotten after healing mostly is when something smacks or puts pressure weirdly directly on the incision site where the scalpel cut is.
Everything else has just been weird or uncomfortable pressure.


Hmm, could you paddle a kayak?

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