Titan + MRI, how it went

Hello hello, so I have a done a stupid dangerous things ( ha, ha. ), but it turned out okay :slight_smile:

For medical reasons, I had to take an MRI, and I couldn’t reasonably remove my fingertip titan because finding a bodymodder in France is hell.
So, I did plenty of research, talked to people, and concluded that my chances of getting spaghettified were minimal, and went ahead.

The MRI I went in is a 1.5 Tesla, and I could feel it from about 2/3 meters away. However, it wasn’t a vibration like I expected from a giant electromagnet, just a constant pull like a regular magnet. It got a tad stronger when I got closer and in, but not much, and it was very bearable, not even as strong as the strongest magnet I’ve touched before. I did keep my hand out of the torus, though, so I can’t tell if it would have gotten dangerous in there.

TL;DR : Got a 1.5T MRI with a magnet in my finger, and it was nice and unharmful.