Titan redesign?

Hi all,

On the titan store page it’s OOS and with a note that it’s undergoing a redesign with no ETA. I can’t find any info any where in regards to the nature or intention of the redesign. I’m unsure if this is something I should wait (an unknown amount of time) for or if I should go with another option.

Recently got a xG3 v2 installed by Leo at Dungeon Tattoo in Orlando FL. He was great. He mentioned he has sensing magnets he can install, options are magnet coated in Parylene or a magnet coated (electroplated I assume?) in gold followed by a coating of silicone. It seemed like these magnets are made by a guy, not a business with a webpage that I can look up. I feel mildly apprehensive about that.

Sorry for the info dump -
I guess what I’m after is more information with which I can make an informed decision. Maybe some clarity as to the reasons behind the Titan redesign would help me, and maybe if someone could speak to why DT doesn’t offer a Parylene coated magnet that would help also.

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Regarding other coating materials, here’s a great video Amal made before the Titan. No ETA on the Titan’s return. More can be read about the reasons why it is currently unavailable and other options we are exploring in the DT Club.


This pretty much answers my questions, thank you! I did not know about DT club, I joined and the info I was after is in there.

I’ll skip the non-DT magnet options, Parylene getting small cracks allowing the magnet to degrade slowly enough over time to not cause a reaction but still be a problem seems like an issue I’m not interested in. The failure mode of the xG3 v1 seems more preferable to me, at least in the rare event the glass cap breaks it fails in a ‘catastrophic’ enough way to cause a noticeable reaction so you can get it removed.

Appreciate your quick & helpful response!


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