Titan Removal Questions

Has anyone had a titan removed? Mine is the the blade of my hand. Does the body still form a pouch around titanium like it does with the other implants? Any tips or concerns different from pulling out an xg3?

I’m getting mine removed because I have dead trad climber hands. It’s possible for me to feel it but requires a lot of concentration at this point (installed something like a year and a half ago) and it seems to throw off my watch when navigating. I’m considering reinstalling in pinky but who knows.

yes it does

fewer concerns. it’s robust AF. just use another magnet to help extract it… put a cow magnet into a glove finger… clean the glove with alcohol and use that to help pull the Titan out. a scalpel will be needed of course but the cow magnet will help yank it out once there is a sufficient exit made for the Titan.



Thanks for the info!

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