Titan rotating by it self? - Poll


The Titan in my Finger is rotating a little bit around itself mostly more then once a day.

It gets uncomfortable then when I try to touch something or if the position is really awkward it feels not good without touching anything.

If it is just off by a bit I can massage it in the original position,
but when it is angled really steep I need to take another magnet.
luckily, my phone case has a magnet and i carry my phone with me most of the time.
I have another magnet from an old phone holder in my car, so I can also bring it back while driving without me having to stop for it.

That makes me wondering

is it the same with your Titans?

  • Yes, nearly every Day!
  • Yes, sometimes!
  • No, usually not!
  • No, it never did!

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This is where my Titan is located

It should sit like this to be comfortable:

But its rotating to something like this


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Mine rotates 2-3 times a week during normal day-to-day stuff (although sometimes it’s caused caused by the hard drive magnets all over my fridge). It never requires another magnet to rotate it back, I can just massage it.

My other disc magnets also did that, although it was never sideways like this. They would just flip occasionally.


The only times I’ve had my magnet rotate was when I wasn’t paying attention and got too close to another strong magnet. Most of those times It requires a magnet to get it to lay flat again and it is very uncomfortable.

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My titan is almost free floating in its pocket now. I think it has turned so much that there is now room for a second one.

The proportions are a bit too close for it to settle without some sort of long term intervention. My take anyways

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90% of the time its because of magnets. Happens like every other day, almost always when I play with mags, but it sorts itself out with a mag nearby.

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