Titan sensing biomagnet batch #2 launch date confirmed

It’s official… Titan batch #2 crowdfunding campaign starts March 15th, 2021!


@amal is there any information about the minimum batch size i.e. how many backers for the campain to succeed?

We’re looking at somewhere between $8900 and $9600 for batch 2 so about 30ish backers give or take.

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(Read in old creaky grandpa voice) Why that’s nothing. Back in my day we had the minimum in a day, I tell ya! Almost a hundred we had! Uphill in the snow too, BOTH WAYS!


My understanding is the 50% coupon will only be offered for the first batch? I see a Titan as well as an xSIID NFC + LED in my future.


The Cupon was Exclusive for the Batch #1

Here you see the Backers of Batch 1 in the # Hall of Fame

Yeah one of the benefits for the “Pioneer” batch.

I think the price difference was well worth the extra $$$

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Faster :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sounds good, just making sure. Thanks

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Any idea on potential turn around time? Or will it likely be the same at batch 1? Really hoping I didn’t end up with an unfortunate time to have to move.

It’ll be a few weeks shorter but still quite some lead time for materials and scheduling manufacturing with the various vendors involved