Titan sensitivity issues

Heya, I’ve had my titan (re)installed a bit more than a month ago, in my left ring finger, side of the fingerpad.
I’ve had a slight loss of feeling on the skin above the implant site for a couple weeks, but now it seems mostly healed.

My issue is that for now, the only things I’ve been able to feel were :

  • Magnets, obviously
  • My microwave ( weakly, only when placing my hand a centimeter away, on the right spot )
  • My e-scooter’s charger ( same, very weak, and only in the right precise spot )

I can’t feel any part of my computers, desktop or laptop, or any other device like a powered docking station, or anything else. I can’t feel stores detector gates either, not at all, even when inches away

Is that normal ? Do I have some deeper nerve damage ? Or do I just have to wait a lot longer to have nerves develop around the implant ?

So the titan implant is a magnet - nothing more

You will be able to ‘sense’ anything ferromagnetic (iron, magnets, some steels etc) or something generating a strong enough magnetic field (electromagnets). You wont sense electricity or RF unless it also happens to be generating a significant electromagnetic field

The sensing you are feeling with a magnetic implant is the sensation of the magnet getting pulled under your skin, stimulating your skins normal proprioceptors.

Nerves do not regrow around the implant, but your skin does heel. Scar tissue will have less sensation than normal skin and the reduction in sensation will depend on site and size of the scar but some increased sensation will happen over time as the skin recovers.

The ‘Detector gates’ you are talking about are presumably those arches by store doors that alarm if a security tag is brought close to them? If thats the case then yes - you will not be able to detect those as they dont produce a strong EM field, its a very low power RF field. Otherwise everyone with a pacemaker would panic going into shops

Yeah, I mean I can feel my laptop but barely and only in a certain spot very close to it.
If I’m honest; yeah that’s it, you probably don’t have nerve damage, magnet implants just aren’t that great.
I certainly expected a lot more from my magnet if I’m honest to myself, but that’s on me.

iirc there are some stores that have detectable fields, @JennyMcLane found a library that has a crazy field
but yeah you wont feel 99% of them

Just to add clarity here…

The way this happens is by drawing massive amounts of current through a wire, or by drawing enough current through coils of wire like in an electromagnet as found in microwave ovens, electric motors, etc.

This depends on the type of gates. Old “bit tags” typically used in libraries to monitor for unchecked booked passing out the gate work by generating a large magnetic field which resonates a thin sliver of metal and it “rings” which can be detected magnetically by the gate. They are called bit tags because they carry no data, only state like “active” and “deactivated”. Those gates will give you a buzzing of a lifetime… but the much more typical security gates use actual RFID to get data from a transponder like a unique serial number, those are much much lower power and you will not feel anything from those systems.

Typically you can feel certain components in laptops like the cooling fan, which is an electric motor (see above), or there are also magnetic lid closure sensors that require the placement of a magnet in the lid somewhere to work, or in the case of certain Macbook products, there are also magnets used to keep the lid closed through magnetic attraction, so of course you could feel those.

In general, the most important thing to understand about a magnet implant is that it is a magnet… nothing more… just as @sgtreckless said.