Titanium implants

hello i know its not an nfc inplant but i thought some people stil would vind it intresting what i am making for tom from piercing studio utrecht

its not finisch yet it stil need more deburing but im getting close


is this a design for a dermal anchor?

Yes it is its tom’s design

the outer holes must make it pretty secure once healed yea?

Ah, the joys of something that will inevitably get infected.


Stupid question - dermal anchors like these are already easy to buy, so why do you design one by yourself? Or is it a special size of thread or something custom like that?

Mhhhhhh - depends. It takes a freakin’ lot of care, but those babys can stay inside the body for quite a long time. My microdermals (which have a lot smaller “foot” and tend to grow out much faster) were with me for more than 8 years, until they started to grow out, and I might have even kept them longer if I had been dedicated enough, considering permanent care. Those bigger guys here can stay implanted for a much longer time, provided that you keep them nice and clean.

This study may be of interest: it deals with using porous titanium to achieve skin-implant integration that offers a barrier to pathogens to prevent infections.


I wonder if you could use paralynn (I swear I’ll never remember how that stuff is spelled)

Amal said previously it’s hard to apply to only bits and pieces of an object, and that it doesn’t flex very well

But IF you could bond it to titianium?

You could always chase the threads with a tap to clean them back out

i just make the parts haha but i think it would be stuck pretty good when healed yes

tom wanted it the way he has it in his mind and i said wel i can make that for you :slight_smile:

i do really like making parts like this its not something i do everyday but i would like to

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hello sorry For my late reply have been a bit busy last Days

but i never heard of a coating like that
and its a special kind of titatium as that is suitable to use in the body its the same stuf bone plates and such are made of

but when i would run it with a tap again does that not make edge whare the coating can come loose easaly ?

the person who i make the anchors for he couldn’t find them in this way with the 3 leg style
and when i came to him to get my chips inplanted we started talking and so here i am making him these parts

i dont think i wil ever put something like that but i can emagine that it takes alot of care to keep nice and healthy also a reason why i would not want something like that i wil stik to ring’s and chip inplant’s :smiley:

Funny - in Germany, these seem to be pretty standard… lemme search…

like, the middle ones :wink:

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hmm okey

maybe he just wanted one he desingd haha :slight_smile:

How did You found this?

Was honestly just a quick search on startpage.com (nope, I do not google things^^), searched for “transdermal implant jewelry” or something like that. I know them because my artist has them in his studio, so, these things actually do exist :smile:

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These transdermal things seem to risky for me, but I want to leave this here:

There has been some talk about Titaniumoxide merging with skin, but still, I don’t want an infection!

Titanium foam does combine with skin to a certain extent, but that does not prevent bugs from colonizing the interface.

Sounds interesting, honestly… I had to take my three microdermals out, still a bit sad about it, but this might be a nice solution maybe

Nah not rly. I worded it badly and as Rosco said, it’s not working. Even the thing in the video I shared didn’t work.
Transdermals are just not possible yet.

Transdermals are possible - and getting more and more common - just really hard to keep infections out of.

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