To my excitement!

Fun story from today!

As I flew in this morning to BKK airport in Bangkok I was excited with the thought of using my new chips :).

I grabbed a tuk-tuk and headed to my usual condo that I rent while I’m in town. Anna greeted me and was excited to see me after being gone for 4 months. The manager Anna is awesome, I was excited to be able to enroll my chips with no Management issues in the morning after a few hours of sleep.

Well I went up to the 4th floor and tapped my room key and low and behold it opened to a couple in bed. I gently closed the door, I looked at the number and realized I was next door. So as soon as I got in I scanned my card and realized it was a MiFare 1k original, I then walked down stairs and scanned the front desk side door and it clicked opened.

I realized that I had a master key from Anna, so I slipped into bed with wonderful dreams :slight_smile:. Now off to MBK mall to grab some supplies for a day of fun ahead! Frequency playground here in SE Asia! And I can carry half of my supplies in my body cause of DT and Vivokey.

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Wow, bonus.
Save that profile for later…:wink:

Envious of MBK visit. :shallow_pan_of_food: :stew:

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Anna is the owner she’s aware, I’ve been a tenant here since 2012 when I come into town. It’s was an accident no harm no foul.

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I’d say the reason she gave you a master was so that regardless of what room you are given in the future, you will always have access to it.

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I asked her before I went to the market tonight, she originally wanted to give me her condo to use which I denied. When I brought up my key she said “you no farang, you Thai” :heart_eyes:. She figured it would be easier for me to access the kitchen and some of the other amenities that the “locals” have access to that normal guests don’t. Guess travelling here for 8 years now and holding basic knowledge of the language goes a long ways!


A Chara @Aemun you in the South or North? I was born in Belfast! Always nice to see another gael here.

I’m from da wesht meself :ireland: :+1:

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Ah man, I remember being out drinking with a few other on khao san road when they closed the pubs and blankets were put on the streets and vendors would be walking around with icecream carts with beer in them, 100 bhat for one long neck!

The cops would rool past and all you had to do was put it behind you, if they didn’t see it they didn’t care lol :laughing: :laughing:

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Love it!!

When I first came in 2012 the coup happened and there was curfew. We were buying beer in the alley outside the condos cause we couldn’t go out.

Khao San has changed just in the last 5 months from me being gone. Way more “cleaned” up :frowning:, I miss the Ol’ wild west. Probably head to Cambodia next week after my meeting on Wednesday. Henkien is 60 bhat right now! Love being able to get street food this late for under 75 bhat!

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I’d say it was close to 15 years since I was there.

Ended up eating bbq buffalo meat on the steps of the hostel a few streets away from the police station at one of the ends of Khao san road. Good times :smile: